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Battle of the Badges - League One Elimination Vote

Elimination vote for the worst FIVE badges in League One, as the Good (Wycombe) and the Bad & Ugly (MK Dons) are excluded from the vote.

Battle of the Badges - League One Elimination Vote
  1. Which League One Club has the WORST badge?58 votes
    1. Accrington Stanley
    2. Barnsley
    3. Bolton
    4. Bristol Rovers
    5. Burton Albion
    6. Cambridge
    7. Charlton Athletic
    8. Cheltenham
    9. Derby
    10. Exeter
    11. Fleetwood
    12. Forest Green
    13. Ipswich
    14. Lincoln
    15. Morecambe
    16. Oxford
    17. Peterborough
    18. Plymouth
    19. Port Vale
    20. Portsmouth
    21. Sheffield Wednesday
    22. Shrewsbury


  • Some excellent badges in here.

  • I assume Franchise have already been eliminated?

  • Yes, they are ineligible, together with Wycombe.

  • I went with Fleetwood, I don’t generally consider myself OCD about such things but there’s something annoyingly asymmetrical about it.

  • PS, nice idea for a close season filler thread.

  • I would actually have voted for ours as a protest against changing it to this ridiculous round thing years ago. It's awful and was totally unnecessary

    The result of some overpaid "brand expert's" advice no doubt

  • I don't think ours is the worst but it probably does deserve bottom seven here.

  • edited May 23

    I'd get rid of the wording and just have the swan and 'WWFC' next season, at least on the away kit if we got something retro (Arsenal have done this with the old cannon logo on theirs recently).

  • Burton, looks too much like me so has to go.

  • edited May 23

    Every time I see the Cambridge badge, I can’t help but to think of the 2 letters you can add to the massively oversized ‘CU’ to make a pretty unsavoury word. Which in turn immediately makes me think of the Milton Keynes Stealers FC

  • Cheltenham, absolutely no redeeming features on that badge at all.

  • They’re all pretty good. I went for Pompey as it’s basically a badge within a badge

    I nearly went for Barnsley as I still think they should have kept their old one.

  • Might have been Bolton before they restored the red rose a few years ago (replacing some weird ribbons!). Cheltenham stand out crap in a great badge league.

  • Cambridge. Mainly because when I see 'C U' i think of that team further east

  • Hard to pick the worst from Bolton, Burton, Cambridge and Cheltenham. Went for Cambridge, an absolutely zero effort badge.

  • Cheltenham yet another minor Axis puppet state defeated in ‘44

  • A swift and decisive reaction to their early exit:

  • It's just really lazy, you'd laugh at that as a GCSE coursework effort

  • Burton's is brilliantly stupid. If you told me Eric Idle had designed it, I would probably believe you.

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