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Battle of the Badges Gasroom Vote - Summer 2023

Building off @ReturnToSenda's article ranking the badges in FourFourTwo a while back and our continued matchday thread banter on other club's badges, I am going to run a 'Battle of the Badges' competition this summer to try and take up some of the slow days before we get actual Wycombe news. The tricky thing is getting the competition whittled down quickly without 46 head to heads.

As a result, I am going to start with some elimination voting, picking the worst 26 badges to exclude from the tournament to get from 90 down to 64 - MK are going to be excluded from the vote, not just because they are a plastic club that should not exist, but because they clearly have an aesthetically awful badge too, and if everyone votes for them in the elimination round, it will be harder to eliminate others. I am also going to exclude Wycombe, as I don't objectively think we have the best badge (others may disagree) and I think affection for our club could colour the vote a little. Finally, Notts County and Wrexham will take part instead of Rochdale and Hartlepool.

Here is how it will work, based on the past season's divisions aside from Notts and Wrexham.

  1. Elimination vote to remove worst 7 PL badges.
  2. Elimination vote to remove worst 7 Championship badges.
  3. Elimination vote to remove worst 5 L1 badges (Wycombe and MK already removed).
  4. Elimination vote to remove worst 7 L2 badges.
  5. Final 64: 16 votes on groups of 4, with winners of each group going through.
  6. Final 16: Head to head tournament through to the final two teams and a champion.


  • I should also add that I will not vote unless a tiebreaker is needed in any situation.

  • Oh, and if an elimination vote does not eliminate the right amount of clubs (everyone votes for a handful of clubs) I will hold it again without the clubs already voted for till we get the right number.

  • Excellent work @Shev !!

  • Cheers @HolmerBlue!

    One final point - I am going to put up all of the elimination votes today. If more teams in one division get votes than another, I may alter the amount removed from each division.

  • Cracking entertainment 😝

  • Just as an aside, these elimination votes will run for roughly a day.

  • I am genuinely excited by this

  • How long is a rough day @Shev ?

    This is the only excitement I have atm

  • I am preparing a results thread right now, and then doing a draw sometime today and putting the first group out there.

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