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Quick Friday Quiz

Anyone spot an ex Wanderer in this photo ?


  • Bernie Bremer, top row, 4th from left (or right) ?

    Looks like Lower Mead, Wealdstone. Pretty sure he joined us from them.

  • Well done Mr Newbs. All correct.

  • Bernie the Bolt, had a wicked shot on him.

  • Has the guy second from left hand his head photoshopped? Or maybe he's related to Shrek?

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    John Ashworth and Hugh Lindsay next to each other second and third from right, front row. Eddie Dilsworth next to Bernie Bremer (on his left).

    Recognise most of them but names elude me. Can’t spot Johnny Hutchinson but he and Bremer were an extremely exciting pair of wingers. Admired them at both my adult clubs.

    Second from left, front row, could be Keith Searle but far from searton.

  • Thanks for that, @Steve_Peart.

    Must say I don’t recall Brian Goymer having such a large head ! Apologies to Keith Searle. Jim Cooley looks nothing like him. Bobby Childs was quite a livewire. Hugh Lindsay and Charlie Townsend were regulars in the England Amateur XI. Wealdstone were pretty exciting to watch (usually behind the goal) in those days but I lost interest when they became semi-professional and joined the Southern League. That was when I switched to Adams Park.

  • Loakes Park Mr Micra, Adams Park was a long way off in those days. Lower Mead was one of my favourite away grounds, excellent atmosphere. And a short walk from the ground was the Railway tavern or the Railway inn, which was adorned with photos of The Who, whom i believed had some of their early gigs in that fine pub.

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