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  • wigan

  • What a shambles of a club they are these days. I suspect the suspended 4 points will be triggered pretty quickly too

  • Sorted!

    Currently not bottom.

    2023–24 EFL League One - Wikipedia

  • In the words of a particular supermarket, every little helps.

  • I can see the EFL setting another deadline for them to deposit 125% of the estimated wages, which they fail to meet, and then another, and so on.

    At this rate, they could start the season on -40, and have one foot in L2 before a ball is kicked.

  • Must be pretty darn miserable for fans going into a season with a substantial points deduction.

    The one guaranteed joy of a football fan is that hope springs eternal level playing field first day of the season.

  • What bothers me is too often it is the same clubs over & over again like Wigan, Bury, Southend etc.

    The punishment is always levied at the club rather than those actually responsible, the owner & thier board. All that ends up happening is fans get let down, staff lose thier jobs, players dont get paid & the owner breezes on till the next points penalty & the next etc.

  • Thankfully for Southend it looks like they may finally be sold. Point taken though - bad owners are like bullets in the chamber of a game of Russian roulette, unfortunately.

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