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We've killed another one off

Sheridan leaves Plymouth


  • Can't understand Clubs that dispence with their Managers after getting the Clubs to the playoffs, somebody has to lose, we can't all win and get promoted, can we?

  • To be fair, I think this was genuinely a "by mutual agreement" job.

    Sheridan achieved reasonable results but regarded by regular fans as being in the Peter Taylor school of football entertainment.

    More seriously he couldnt move his family down and so was commuting down Tuesday-Saturday and living in a small flat on his own. Anybody who has tried that for a while will know its a pretty depressing lonely existence, coming out with a series of negative grumpy utterly uninspiring comments to local paper (which didnt go down to well locally) plus allegedly regular and long solo appearances at a local hostelry.

    Best for both sides to bring it to a close. Get the right manager and they may be a serious threat next season.

  • All of the Plymouth fans I spoke to had no time for him

  • They got in the play offs isn't that a serious threat this season?

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