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Widen the pitch again?

Any thoughts as to the pros and cons of putting the pitch at AP to its normal size? I know it was done to help our "pressing game" but given our relatively dodgy home form would it help to widen it again - if we can find another PCH type player?


  • I would reserve judgment on that until we've seen how the new pitch plays. I think our less than brilliant home form is at least as likely to be due to the fact that it was so hard to keep the ball down and play football on it as the lack of width.

    Also while we should have done better at home, if we'd only done as well away as at home we'd still have made the playoffs so it wasn't dreadful - I think it just sticks in the mind as being poor because of the contrast with the away form.

  • As I've mentioned before I do not travel and I thought some of the games last season at Adams Park were excellent, so I was always a bit bemused by the 'poor home form' tag.

  • if our home for had matched our away form we would have run away with the division.

  • Widen the pitch and lets see?

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