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Hallo, Yellow Brick Road?

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I had some time spare before Saturday's game and I walked up the valley to Wheeler End.

There is a single track private paved road through the Dashwood Estate which reaches as far as the field up the valley from our Upper Car Park. Alongside that road a wooden mock up church is being constructed, presumably for a film set. There is a temporary car park and construction compound at the far end of the that field adjacent to the our Upper Car Park. I am surprised that the Car Park has never tweeted about it.

I wonder if this road forms part of the plans to provide a second route of access to our beloved Stadium, the route would certainly be scenic, traffic would need to be one way only, but that shouldn't present a problem being inbound before the game and outbound afterwards.

This might explain why what has previously been considered as financial madness is currently under consideration.

I took some photos:

This from the public footpath, the area itself is sealed off as private. It is about 400 - 500m from our car park.

The church from the same footpath, taken a little bit further up the valley. The road is centre shot.

Looking back down the valleywith the road in the centre. Adams Park is just out of sight at the edge of the wood in the centre background.

Someone on here will know more about this.....


  • Very scenic indeed

  • I believe the road that the "yellow brick road" will be connecting to is the western end of Toweridge Lane (that ends at A40 Oxford Road). This road is lined by high hedges so isn't the one in the photo, which appears to be a track that leads into the wonderfully named Hellbottom Wood.

  • All I can say is great sleuthing, @railwaysherlock!

  • I have today made a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, to ask Bucks Council whether the club has approached them regarding an access road. They have up to 40 days to respond, so don't hold your breath:

    Dear Buckinghamshire Council,

    Please forward copies of any formal applications, or informal correspondence, received from or on behalf of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, to construct an access road linking Adams Park stadium with any part of Wycombe District, separately from Hillbottom Road.

    This request covers the period 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2023, and personal names on such correspondence may be redacted for data protection purposes.

    Yours faithfully,

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