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Alfie Mawson

As this seems to have engulfed the thread about Nico I thought I'd throw this out in its own thread…

As unlikely as it may be, it's nice to see that we aren't laying down and admitting defeat…


  • Interesting - let's hope he turned it down with WWFC in mind.

  • Well it works in our favour they think he's a striker. Saying that he was more prolific than most is our strikers over the past decade

  • Here's hoping that Alfie Mawson is 2015's Aaron Pierre. If he's turned Brentford down because they can't guarantee him first team football, we've got to have a chance haven't we?

  • we have a very good chance, and we have some money because of wembley which Im sure some of will be made available to gareth.

  • As you must be running out of houses by now blueh_w I'm more than willing to stake mine that we won't see Alfie back in a Wycombe shirt next season. Much as I'd love to see it I live in a real world of supply and demand. It ain't going to happen

  • he isn't as good as you think which is why he will be back, I expect its all agreed already

  • With fans like @blueh_w, who needs rivals...

  • Absolutely no chance of getting Alfie back next season, zilch, zero, nothing. What has he got to gain,career wise, in staying with us for another season. I am convinced he could play in a top league 1 side, and maybe a Championship side, thus increasing his wages considerable, and who could blame him. Only his good mate Pierre could possibly swing it for him to stay, but there's just no chance of it sadly.

  • Much the same arguments were being said re Pierre last season.
    I have to say it is extremely unlikely that mawson will play here next season, however there is an argument that says for the benefit of his long term career, he would be far better having a season playing every game for us than he would sitting on the bench for say Millwall or Charlton. Probably over five years would earn more too. So for me Mawson and his agent can afford to see what offers come in, look the manager of each offer in the eye to see where he really stands in the pecking order there and talk to brentford whether they are prepared to do a deal with that club. If a club at a higher level are intending to play him and can reach agreement with Brentford, he should go there with our blessings, if not (and its a big if), then maybe just maybe.

  • I may not be the best judge but to be voted in the top 3 players in the whole division does suggest that a lot of others rate him fairly higher. He's young, been nearly ever-present in a tough, demanding league and not made that many mistakes. Yes he's got a lot to learn but I've no doubt he will - and his best option is against more technically gifted players in a higher league.

  • I guess it depends how much the intangibles that we can offer mean to him.

  • Agree with both sides. It is unlikely he will sign, but not totally impossibe as we saw with Pierre and (to some extent) JJ. It is obvious that we are not a club to stand in anyone's way should they get a good offer so perhaps he could sign for us again, get regular football hopefully do well again and then move on upwards. Pie in the Sky, I know..but I have spoken to Brentford fans who did not even know they had Pierre (and possibly Alfie) before we started singing their praises.

  • I know Pompey recently lost Jed Wallace because he had a very low release clause in his contract. They agreed to this just so they could make him stay another year.

    It might be worth a punt offering that to Alfie. We then him onboard for another season, and then lose him for a paltry amount at the end of the campaign.

    Everybody wins. He gets another season of 46 league games to prove himself beyond doubt to bigger clubs, we get him for 46 league games to help us secure the title, and then he gets to move on somewhere bigger and we might even get a little bit of dosh.

  • I think we can expect a massive challenge from Oxford, Portsmouth and Luton for that crown. I would say at the moment they would be my top 3 with us in the Play Offs.

  • So who to go up automatically then?

  • I would say

    1 Portsmouth
    2 Oxford
    3 Luton
    4 Wycombe
    5 Northampton
    6 Cambridge
    7 Leyton Orient

    I don't think that will be far out, Oxford are doing a Bury it seems.

  • Oxford get hyped every year and fail. Under Appleton this will happen again next season.

  • Can't see us competing with other League 1or 2 for Mawson's signature, unless there are clauses in favor of Mawson, such as bid offers, first we got hit his wage expectations.

    As much, as I think Mawson would love to do another season with us, just can't see it.

  • Maybe not League 1 clubs, but I'd like to think we'd stand as good a chance of any between League 2 clubs. That said, Alfie's displays this year have indicated that he's above this level (Paris even said this).

  • he is being hyped up, Adam barrett was as good as he was on saturday. he will be released by southend as he won't be able to play league 1 maybe we should be looking at him.

  • @blueh_w how can anyone take you seriously after your last post??? Mawson is a cut above Barratt and thats putting it lightly

  • I don't actually care what anybody thinks, this forum is shite ...... he has more potential but right now they are completely equal. Mawson will have a better career but he is so far off the finished article its untrue. Lets just hope he doesn't sign for Oxford because the hate for him here will be unbridled and thats fact. One good season as you see doesn't earn you the WWFC Fans acceptance of signing for the PNL.

  • @blueh_w Don't want to start a war with a fellow blue but to your last question:

    1) Why are you on this forum if you feel this way?
    2) 'so far off the finished article its untrue' - where do you get this view from?
    3) I'm almost certain he wouldn't end up at Oxford, and even if he did, I can't say I'd hate him. It certainly wouldn't be 'unbridled'

  • Oxford fans don't rate their chances due to the manager they only played well when safe , even with a few new players they won't get top three

  • More baseless speculation, but this photo shows Alfie getting his shirt signed by the rest of the squad. Of course he could be doing it to give it away as a gift to friends or family, but maybe it's to keep for himself as a reminder of his successful season here. Not something he would necessarily do if he was planning to return next season...

  • Alfie was "named Zoo Magazine’s Sky Bet League Two Player of the Year"

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