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The death of "Getting a round in...."

In light of the recent price releases from the club, I was wondering if anyone had witnessed any changes within their social circles around the age old British custom of "Getting a round in..."?

Thinking back to my 20's I could probably get a round of 5 pints with (some little) change from a £20 note, if the price was £3.50 / pint

A 5 round pint will more than likely cost you double that or even treble that if you are in central London.

I will still involve myself in a round, but with clear rules

  • No one joining half way through
  • Slow drinkers still need to get their round in (even if behind) and double park beers if neccessary. If you accepted the first drink, then you are in until the end

Any rules I've missed?


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