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Recent EPPP Report

A recent survey which the BBC have used as the basis of a story without specifying who commissioned it or what their motives may be, but from some of the survey results that are quoted, it seems likely that the data itself was collected by the clubs running the academies though. In any case, it seems to have come to the conclusion that the academy system is not broken.

I am of the opinion that a system in which such a large number enter and are engaged in for so long with such a small number of jobs being available is a system that has failure built into it, so I am surprised by the conclusion that the academy system is not a failure. The report seems to acknowledge the large intake and the tiny chance of success without putting two and two together though, would be interesting to see the report in full and the depth of analysis that has been performed.

Full article:

Anyway, well done TAA for doing something about it, I do wonder whether the sheer numbers needing help will dwarf the capability of one or more well intentioned individuals, but perhaps this will also serve to lead to a wider debate.

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