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Attendance Prediction Cheltenham (h) - Sat 29th April - Match 45

edited April 2023 in Football

Here is the thread for the last but one game, lots to be decided -

Wil @thecatwwfc end the season with a sub 100 score?

The top two are not safe - will anyone catch them?

Will @micra continue the current run of form?

Will anyone else get a spot on prediction, at the moment there is only @PJS, @Glenactico missed by one for the Accrington home game. Two people have missed by two @Commoner with the Argyle home game and @a40 with the Port Vale home game

Who will make it into the all time Hall of Fame?

Will the ten goals scored in the fixture last year be repeated? Will that game result impact on Saturday's attendance?

I find a competative streak in myself so I won't predict until I have had a look at the ticket sales and put a finger in the air.



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