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Man of the Match Season Update 43/46

It's that time again. The edges of everyone's seats are no doubt worn out in anticipation. It's 'How much is Scowen winning by?' time!

Overall votes:

  1. Scowen: 402
  2. Wheeler: 270
  3. Wing: 264
  4. Forino: 229
  5. Stryjek: 212

Votes per Start (minimum 10 starts):

  1. Scowen: 12.96
  2. Mawson: 9.55
  3. Forino: 9.54
  4. Wheeler: 9.00
  5. Mehmeti: 7.81

MOTM Awards:

  1. Scowen: 7
  2. Wing: 6
  3. Forino: 6
  4. Wheeler: 5
  5. Mawson: 5

Some interesting stats (to me):

In the last five matches, Wing has gained 6 votes, and Wheeler has gained 108 votes and 3 MOTM awards. This has helped Wheeler into 2nd having been around 100 votes behind Lewis just a few games ago, and several places back.

Scowen leads every category, and is now basically just trying to beat his records from last season:

2021/22: 417 votes, 11.58 per start, 8 MOTM awards.

2022/23: 402 votes, 12.96 per start, 7 MOTM awards.

Incredible consistency for his mind-boggling numbers to almost match! He could miss the last three matches and still have my vote for Player of the Season.

Honorable mention: Nick Freeman has around half of the starts of most of the contenders (16) but has 120 votes at 7.50 per start (good for 6th) and a MOTM award. I know there is someone out there (not me) voting for him every week, but he has had some good chunks too based on good performances.

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