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League One players out of contract this summer

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Chances are this isn't 100% accurate, but it's probably the closest thing. One or two potentially gettable players (assuming they don't sign extensions) - I'm sure we've been linked with Michael Hector before.



  • The two potentially interesting ones for me are Ryan Inniss and Daniel Harvie. Both of those could debatably sign for clubs with higher expected positions next season.

    Harvie would hinge on Obita leaving, which I’d be relatively comfortable with.

    Inniss would probably hinge on Willis not extending. I actually think Willis is our best defender when he’s fit (albeit from a very limited sample size of minutes). Can’t see us having another highly competent right-footed centre half on the books without Willis or Forino leaving.

    I’m sure there are a few others on there that are quality - just not ones I’ve noticed whilst watching games.

  • Thought Willis did fine when he came on last night. Assuming that the physio team give him the all clear, I think he would be a decent signing for us, especially if Taff goes elsewhere?

  • After Forino and Taf's completed 90min stats this season, the key requirement of any centre back we sign surely has to be being fit enough to start 40+ games a season.

    Unless we judge Willis to be such exceptional quality at the right price, I'm not sure he'll fit that?

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    I wonder if they keep hoping for a well-managed Darius style rebirth when they take on decent CBs with poor injury records like Alfie and Willis?

    (At what point do Anthony Stewart and Aaron Pierre get mentioned?)

  • I’d take both of them. Pierre probably doesn’t have the quality to start every game but as a rotation option I’d love him back. Stewart absolutely has the quality but feels like he’s done his time here. No chance he’ll be playing League 2 next season if MK go down.

  • Stewart is still under contract at Aberdeen next season

  • I'd be amazed if he ever plays another game for them, not that I expect him to end up back with us either.

  • I can’t imagine that either but you could see him on a years loan in League One until his contract ends in 24.

    I could easily see Matt coming in for him or Manning.

  • I wouldn't rule out them ripping up his contract - we've been known to do it with players having a year left (El-Abd, Hayes kind of), in theory much easier for a 'big' club.

  • Like @ReturnToSenda said, I’d be gobsmacked if he ever played for Aberdeen again.

  • Stewart would be a great signing for us.

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    Absolute no-brainer to take him back if the opportunity arises (unless you're one of the no-brainers who've hurled abuse at him, I suppose).

  • Willis would be a good signing for me. From what I understood his injury was a bad one but a one off one and not one that is degenerative like Alfie or Darius. We certainly can't go into next season with 2 injury prone centre halves like this season.

  • I hope we're still tapping into the Scottish market, evidently some great talent to be found there. Ireland too.

  • Talking about Ireland, I always liked Ali Coote (midfield), who used to play for Brentford but now turns out for Bohemians. I remember seeing him at AP playing for a Brentford reserve side in one of the minor cups and he was excellent. He is still only 24.

  • We haven't signed Jason McCarthy (from another club) for a while so it would be nice to sign Tools again. Some traditions are worth protecting.

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    I think Giles Phillips, Andre Burley and Connor Parsons are all playing in that league now. Seems to be somewhere young players go to rebuild after not making the grade in the EFL.

  • GK, CB and LB all seem like high priority areas to figure out, now that we have our midfield terrier and #9 signed. I hope we can figure out a way to get another maverick talent to open up games, but there is no such thing as a Mehmeti Tree, unfortunately.

  • There's a surprising amount of money in the Irish league isn't there? Plus you get to play in the summer!

  • I heard that Stewart wanted to come back on loan in January, but Ainsworth said no. You'd have thought there's a good chance Bloomfield would like to have him back and knows all about his qualities.

  • I'd absolutely take Stewart back ! Not too sure about Pierre now though, seems to have fallen away a bit

  • Always preferred Pierre to Stewart, and I did think people somewhat overrated Stewart late on.

    However, with Mawson retired and every chance Taf could go. Plus Forino and Taf both missing a lot of games, it'd be really wise to bring Stewart back in if the money worked.

    Whereas I regrettably think Pierre has had his time at this level now and that wouldn't be such a romantic return.

  • It will certainly be an interesting summer.

  • Will it though?

    If we do sign up all the rest of the small handful of out of contract players, we might not actually bring any/many new faces in?

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    It will be on here! @Malone What would the Gasroom be without a summer 'No New Players?????!!!!!' thread and pointless conjecture about what hasn't happened yet but is going to...mark my words. :😊

    Can I say here and now, we are a bang average League One side with no chance of the 2024 playoffs...where are the goals coming from?

  • No no no, we won yesterday so everything is fine.

    Don't win a game then next season is a write off again.

  • I'd have Stewart back no problem,when he left for Crewe it was because he had his head turned by iffy characters in our dressing room and then he signed for Aberdeen looking to earn more money which didn't work out for him. I will never forget his MOTM performance against Oxford in 2021 at Wembley in The Play Off Final.

  • One of, if not the best individual performance I've ever seen in my lifetime by a Wycombe player. Never to be forgotten.

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