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Man of the Match - Cambridge (A)


  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Cambridge (A)?62 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Forino
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Jacobson
    6. Scowen
    7. Wing
    8. Wheeler
    9. McLeary
    10. Freeman
    11. Vokes
    12. Willis (sub)
    13. Thompson (sub)
    14. Campbell (sub)
    15. Hanlan (sub)


  • Went for Wheeler but could of give it to Freeman.

  • Want for super max but shout outs for wheels and freeman

  • Exactly the same. Was fantastic to see Freeman given a full 102 minutes for once and he played a blinder for all of them, but Wheels was outstanding tonight.

  • Freeman was brilliant as was Wheeler. Willis looked solid too. I have a horrible feeling Vokes, who made a massive difference BTW, was limping down to applaud the fans afterwards

  • Wheeler for me, great all-round shift topped off with a goal. Max made some crucial saves as well.

  • On another note, I really hope Cambridge stay up. Not just because it would send Oxford or MK down, but because they really play with a lot of heart and skill.

  • Wheeler was excellent, Scowen was back to his dependable best, Freeman looked to be living up to his potential, Willis was solid when he came on, Max was Max making decent saves, waving his arms around a lot & shouting at his defenders in equal measure, the rest played well enough to grind out a win.

  • Wheeler for me. Not for his goal and he really didn't win much in the air this game like he usually does. His work rate and touch was, for me, outstanding.

  • Max by an absolute country mile. I’m genuinely amazed people are voting for anyone else. His saves, especially first half, kept us in it.

    Wheeler the best of the outfield players.

  • Freeman for me, but could easily have gone for Wheeler. Scowen also got better as the game progressed. Max was solid, making some decent early saves and Willis did well after coming on at a difficult stage in the game. Good performances all round tonight.

  • This.

    I went for Scowen, I just feel his interventions were vital in a game where Cambridge were as aggressive going forwards as they were, but I agree with all the other nominations above.

    I was actually impressed with Campbell in terms of actually passing to his teammates instead of trying to do everything himself...but then he blotted his copybook badly by giving away those two utterly needless free kicks in quick succession.

  • Max, easily... we'd have been out of it by the time we scored if it wasn't for him !... travesty he hasn't had more votes

  • Max for me.

  • Freeman. Maybe Max was worth it too but Freeman was a Rolls Royce in that central role.

  • It was great to see Freeman have such a good game. He is always shunted around between cameos and the odd start without any continuity, so it's nice when he shows what he can do in spite of it.

  • I went for Wing. I love the way he passes the ball and I think he makes us play better as a team

    I agree that the whole midfield played well though, as did Sam Vokes. Makes such a difference having him back

  • Didn't think it was one of his better games, gave it away a lot early as it was all a bit frenetic at times , hasn't really hit form in last month or so, or maybe I'm just easily swayed by shots from miles out and would have given him MoM if one had gone in.

  • Amazed its not 90%+ for Max. I had the Cambridge commentary on, and they were full of praise for him and both agreed he was MoM.

  • Max was my motm. (Again).

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