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Match day thread: Cambridge



  • Quite staggering how we won that. We're physical yes, but they cut through us so easily at times, and we could take so long finding a pass going forward. Wheeler the only one who really stood out

  • It does seem an absolute given that at least one starter tonight is going to be out injured for the next game.

  • Next season I’d be happy with a comfortable league 1 finish and good FA. Cup run.

  • Really good win that, very entertaining game. Galling for them to score, so soon after we nearly went 3 up. We were so much more effective up front tonight though, could easily have scored a few more (as could Cambridge of course).

    Vokes made a big difference, so good to have him back. Wheeler and Freeman both had excellent games, as did Scowen as always. Willis was also good off the bench. Things looked worrying when Forino went off, just as Taf seemed to be struggling, but Willis did a good job of shoring things up and the win was actually more comfortable that it looked like being with 25mins left.

  • Thought first half we were really good, second half they pressed slightly higher & harder & wierdly we couldn't really deal with it & their confidence grew to the point where we had to seriously scrap to stay in the game.

    Happy we won though.

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    If it was a Saturday game we would of drawn or list, good win, but still think we will just miss out. Thought Grimmer played well back at rightback.

  • Pretty happy with that performance, thoughr we were great 1st half, 2nd we seem to ease off, either that or Cambridge possibly did give us one problems. Anyway, good battling win, great to see Vokes and Gmac out there, we looked so much more potent tonight ! Also a shout out to Max, as I said on the MON thread, if it wasn't for him we could have easily been 3 down by the time we scorednour first... what a signing he's been !

    I'd also like to say, I really hope Cambridge can stay up (espc at the expense of one of our neighbours) great club, lovely old school ground, and very welcoming and friendly staff, all in all a good night out

  • The subs had a positive impact which helped. Hanlan showed he is capable when he gets in the right areas and does what he does well. Willis I would be happy to have around next season as we know is a class act. Campbell committing identical fouls in identical positions within 30 seconds was amusing too.

  • Really enjoyed @BrianJeeves68 on co-comms. We are so spoiled when it comes to comms. We may be L1 on the pitch, but we are Champions League in the gantry!

  • He's the Messiah, m'lud.

  • Many, thanks. Great to be back on-air with Phil and a smashing result for the Chairboys against a fired-up Cambridge side. Best wishes, to all. Oh, and spare a thought for dear old Southend United - Jeevesie

  • If there are no must win games are we allowed to say we've got three Cup Finals coming up?( or possibly six?)

  • I believe he's the same guy you used to ask stuff to on Ask Jeeves 15 years ago?

  • Ask Jeeves would be a great new segment on RtB @bluntphil

  • Just waiting for my royalties. Should be any day now...

  • Good shout, Not sure "We need to talk about Kevin" will get past the board meeting.

  • I know they are only one win behind us...but I would be more worried being a Portsmouth fan always tipped for promotion, being too big for this league, great crowds, spending power, etc etc stuck behind Wycombe and not looking unlikely to crash the promotion party. For all our problems (real and imagined) it's been another decent season for us.

  • Haha fair play.

    How does it work with signing you up on the co commentaries? See which are within your geographical range early season and arrange it months in advance? Or a bit more casual than that?

  • I've known Phil for a few years, we are good friends. He initially asked me about doing co-comms and I thoroughly enjoy it. It's quite casual. I give him dates I'm available, and he'll contact me if he needs me. I cover several clubs for a newspaper based in Essex, so most weekends I'm busy with that. I also do a bit of Hospital Radio for Colchester United. We try to have a bit of fun on-air, which I hope comes across. Wycombe are a smashing club. I've always been given a warm welcome.

  • One of my best mates is a Pompey fan he was born down that way and lived there til he was about 10, so I'll let him off. But anyway, he tells me they have pretty much accepted they are a league one team now, and if they do manage to get in the play offs or promoted it would be a big bonus

  • You know how to charm a fanbase, so well done, and look forward to your next "run out" as it were.

  • Always enjoy you on co-comms @BrianJeeves68 - your knowledge of the lower tiers always shines through.

  • I see the officials gave us everything again last night and turned a blind eye to our blatant cheating ...where were they for the games after Gareth left?

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