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Another fan-owned club making progress...

In case you aren't a Guardian reader, you may find this piece by the excellent David Conn is worth a few minutes of your time:


  • excellent article and heartening to see. Real football I suppose...the position WW might have been in had the conference swallowed us up. The business might fail but the club is still there.

  • Not a Guardian reader but I can relate to the whole article. I lived in Manchester as a boy & was a Blue. I also was at Wembley to see the Reds beat Benfica. Football in the top flight is no longer the same. Money is the root of all evil. How ironic with what is going on within FIFA!

  • He may not have the charisma or (cf Martin O'Neill) the looks of GA but their manager seems to share a similar philosophy and approach to the kind of players he wants.

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