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Peterborough given 3 point deduction


  • My reaction:


  • Basically if you break the rules but your punishment benefits Wycombe Wanderers you can serve it whenever.

  • Did they blame us or Rob Couhig?

  • Suspended until it makes no difference...that'll learn them.

  • No worries, it will send them down if & when stinking out The Championship next season.

  • I must admit...I would love it if we squeaked past them and Derby for that last playoff spot...

  • If we miss out on the playoffs because of another delayed punishment it will be farcical.

  • You just know Peterborough will go up now too, and it will just mean getting relegated on 21 points instead of 24.

  • edited April 2023

    Although I went on the Derby forum and it is amusing to see that a couple of them are griping about the suspended penalty. Ermmmm....

    Can you imagine if Derby miss the playoffs because Peterborough's punishment was not timely? Talk about awkward.

  • Really does seem a lotto who gets punished, when and how severe doesn't it?

  • Wonder what Swanny thinks about the "cheats" from Wycombe now....

  • Having read the Agreed Decision and published Judgment, Peterborough won't be deducted any points at all, provided they keep their noses clean until December.

    It's like a criminal getting a suspended sentence, they only serve it if they repeatedly offend.

    But that won't stop the whinging on the Rams' forum.

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