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Attendance Prediction Morecambe (a) - Sat 15th April - Match 42



  • 4750 including 250 baying for Wycombe.

    Have just seen your reference to the BBC weather forecast @railwaysteve. I tend to have more faith in the Meteorological Office version - the BBC opted about six years ago to go with a breakaway company (MeteoGroup) and the App forecasts don’t appear to me to be as accurate. I believe The Weather Channel app is reckoned to be one of the best.

  • 5040 apparently with 234 away

  • No disrespect to @Commoner intended - I think it was the result that expunged this game from my memory.

    Top Twenty for the Total Crowd: [Actual 5040]

    Morecambe's Annual Community Day with freebies - I reckon those ITK did well and the rest of us underestimated.

    Many congratulations to @Commoner who forecasted comparatively early with sound judgement. A belated title of Forecaster of the Week is yours for the only single or double digit score of the week.

    Congratulations also to @wwfcblue and to @micra who were close and close-ish. @peterparrotface led the rest of us who were quite a way off. For some reason I was 13th, out by a bit under 16%.

    Top Twenty for the Away Crowd: [Actual 234]

    Consolation pats on the back all round for the close predictions of away crowd.

    Many congratulations indeed to @mooneyman who recorded a rare spot on prediction.

    Congratulations to @Shev who was out by just two.

    Congratulations to the quartet who all missed the away numbers by just four - @NewburyWanderer, @YorkExile, @ForeverBlue and @ryan_w_kirkby2.

    There were six more forecasts that were within twenty. Just for my own interest I did work out that @perfidious_albion in 13th place missed by a bit over 13%.

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