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Man of the Match - Forest Green (H)


  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Forest Green (H)?65 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. McCarthy
    4. Forino
    5. Jacobson
    6. Scowen
    7. Wing
    8. Wheeler
    9. Hanlan
    10. De Barr
    11. Campbell
    12. McCleary (sub)
    13. Freeman (sub)
    14. Ward (sub)
    15. Gape (sub)
    16. Tafazolli (sub)


  • Wheels in the first half, Josh in the second.

  • Scowen - back to prime form.

    Lot of good showings today though. Wheeler winning the aerial battles again, Hanlan putting in a great shift now we’ve stopped hoofing it to him and realised he can’t play that way, Grimmer doing a sterling job on the pesky Omotoye, Wing pinging it about nicely, and Campbell making some good runs.

  • Stryjek made the result a lot more comfortable than it should’ve been. Defensively frail today. Max for me.

  • I went for Jack, who was exactly where we needed him every time we needed him there. Wheels was a close second.

  • GMac for me (for the miraculous recovery, very apt at Easter).

  • well yeah, how good was it to see him back, and running about freely.

  • Picked Wheeler over my usual Josh vote (just) but though we won it was hard to pick a MOTM. We were suitably subdued and just wanted to grind it out I suppose.

  • I went with Scowen, but it was one of those games with a lot of candidates.

  • Unfortunately, got sidetracked on getting a set of accounts finalised & missed the game so for once I am not in a position to opine.

  • Scowen by a country mile. Totally ran the game.

  • I don’t think we played particularly well today. The big difference from Friday, aside from the obvious quality of the opposition, was Scowen bossing the midfield as you would normally expect him to.

  • Wheels for me today, with honourable mentions for Tjay

    and Forino.

  • McCarthy for me. Made some vital clearances, always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Also contributed to some of our better moves going forwards, which is sometimes a weak area for him.

  • Max for me. 2 superb saves when called upon. He could have gone to sleep but was alert when needed. Not one ball kicked into the stands either 😅

    Mccarthy was great today too. Some good clearances and often involved in our best attacking moves

  • Scowen. Easy. Done.

  • Josh for me. Calm, composed and very very clever.

  • Wheeler has been on a tear lately, with 66 votes and both MOTM awards in the previous two matches, and looks like he will grab another top two here. By contrast, Wing has cooled off after his earlier purple patch, with just 10 votes in his last four matches. Wheels has a chance at the silver if he keeps going at this pace, and will get within striking distance of Lewis after today.

    Top four in votes coming in to today:

    1. Scowen: 363
    2. Wing: 261
    3. Wheeler: 228
    4. Forino: 213
  • Stryjek is incredibly unlucky to not be in the top 4. Should be in the top 2 in my opinion, but understand that goalkeepers typically wouldn’t score highly in this sort of voting system.

  • Yes, he is 5th among players still at the club, but has been overtaken by both Forino and Wheelee recently after huge games by them.

  • Really surprised that only one other person has voted for Jack. Clearly i know nothing about football.

  • I kind of feel the same about McCarthy, he didn't put a foot wrong all afternoon. Truth is though, that nobody really stood out, but nobody played poorly. Hence the votes are so spread out.

  • We can only vote for one...the problem is Josh and Jack are so consistent and I am not a McCarthy hater either (Better analysts of the game see far more problems with him than I ever do) so unless we start having three or more votes, someone always misses out.

    But I should caveat all of the above with clearly I also know nothing about football @floyd @floyd ...I thought we were still in with a chance of the play-offs after ten games for goodness sake!

  • Part of the issue is only having one vote. It looks like no-one rates Grimmer's performance when everyone who voted for Scowen and Wheels could have him second or third.

    I thought it was a very balanced team display, but Scowen was in full terrier mode. Josh's most significant peril in these polls is voter weariness of putting the same person again and again. To my mind, that is also the only consideration that would endanger his chances of winning Player of the Year again.

  • I would vote for Josh every week...he is the only constant and even on his off days he's still good...but I try to spread it around.

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