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Trip down memory lane time.

Minehead was my first away game - FA Cup 1st Rd late seventies. They were a top non league side at the time finishing second in the old Pre conference days Southern League. Nonetheless five Jeffways coach loads were in optimistic mood as they headed west raising amazed stares as they passed through Bridgewater. A few hours later we returned tails between our legs after a 2-0 defeat. Andy Leitch scored one of the goals - amazing what is stored in far corners of the memory.

Yesterday I returned to Minehead for the first time in 45 years. So many of our seaside towns are now shamefully neglected run down shadows of their former glory, so in truth I wasn’t expecting much so was pleasantly surprised to find a pleasant seemingly thriving little town. Long miles of struggle await on the coast path so I was happy to linger a while poking about. Very enjoyable.

The footballing fortunes of the two clubs have somewhat gone in different directions. As we are disappointed to seemingly be missing out on promotion to the second tier, Minehead find themselves mid table in tier twelve - the second division of the Somerset County League. The depth of their fall perhaps illustrated by the two league leaders being Uphill Castle (is there any other kind) and Middlezoy Rovers no less ( no wait that’s Middlezoy Rovers Reserves!!).

Surely there can’t be many if any currently lower ranked teams that have beaten us in the proper rounds of the cup. Basingstoke not great but relative giants. Any more?


  • Guilford City are now in the Combined Counties south Division, they knocked us out after a replay in 1965. But have folded and reformed since then and dont play at the same ground.

    Eastwood have fallen from grace as well.

  • Croydon, who beat us 3-0 at Loakes Park in 1979 in the 1st round proper, play in the Southern Counties East League Division 1. Not sure exactly what tier that is. Still play at the same ground, in light and dark blue quarters. Remember the game, was an absolute shocker.

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    Eastwood and Guildford are both phoenix clubs and play at level 9. Croydon are at level 10. All well above Minehead.

    Guildford ( I believe unless anyone can prove me wrong) are unique in England in calling themselves “city” while representing a town. Despite having a cathedral, Guildford has never reached city status. There is one non league team similarly in Scotland. Anyone know who it is?

  • Chelmsford City were a City long before Chelmsford was granted city status in 2012.

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    Indeed @Chris - but no longer an anomaly.

    Indeed @mooneyman Brechin city - a burgh once upon a time but not a city.

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    Not the FA Cup but in my first season (67/68), of following the mighty chairboys we were drawn away in the first round, proper of the FA Amateur Cup to City of Norwich old boys union

    Of course a run in that competition in those days was a massive thing.Even more so as our league form that season was inconsistent to say the least (nothing to do I don’t think with my starting to watch ) Im not even sure what league city of Norwich played in and indeed I struggle to find any trace of them on Google now. Suffice to say it was considered a mere formality that we would win.

    we lost one nil after apparently dominating the game

  • Not non league, but Elgin City fc pretty sure Elgin is a town

  • Good point @Bandito .

    For a long time Brechin City were the only league team in Scotland titled city. Ironic that they represent a town. In truth I’d forgotten about Elgin who also represent a town. Then Edinburgh City joined the league but rebranded dropping the city when it was pointed out that a club calling itself city when representing the city just wasn’t the done thing.

  • Defeats in the Amateur Cup to Aylesford Papermills and Aldershot Traction Company were not Wanderers greatest days.

  • We played Milton Keynes City in 1974 in the FA Cup, just after they had been renamed from Bletchley Town.

    Not only was Milton Keynes not a city then (it was only granted city status in 2022), but back then it only consisted of the existing towns of Bletchley, Stony Stratford, and Wolverton, a few new roads to nowhere, one or two isolated housing developments, and the beginnings of the new main shopping centre.

  • I haven't been up that way for some time @NewburyWanderer, has it changed much since 1974?

  • @Twizz Some people say that there's this weird-looking thing that sprung up out of nowhere some years back, some people refuse to go inside it, but if you do go inside it and sit down, people say that it's like being on the inside of a big black rubber tyre, with a tiny scattering of people looking like pieces of gravel picked up from the road.

  • Can anyone name what Aylesford Paper Mills now play under? And for a bonus point any of their other previous names?

  • Aylesford Paper Mills ceased to exist in the late 1960’s according to what I’ve read.

    A new team surfaced six years later under the same name and have had numerous names since

    Reed International

    APM Mears


    APM Contrast

    K Sports

    Much prefer the original name, conjures up visions of “Going to the Match”.

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