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New deals for Wheeler and Grimmer

Confirmed in a message by JJ to season ticket holders.

Great news.



  • Hopefully that will allay the fears of those who think we’ll be fielding a team of untried youngsters next season and heading for relegation to non- league football. Perhaps it could also persuade certain people that the owners are still committed to the immediate future.

  • Very good news - fully deserved for both players after the form they’ve been in. Really enjoying the comms from the club this week in communicating exclusively to STH and Subscribers first. Very smart and creative approach.

    Good planning from the club too on not waiting until the end of the season to work through contracts.

  • Great news. Both have had excellent seasons this year. Hopefully Taff and Vokes are the next ones.

  • Great news ... Max next please !

  • For now… yes. This doesn’t stop the premise of my comment potentially coming to fruition. If the Couhigs lose us another £3m (underlying) this season then we may well fall apart in a few years’ time.

    For now though, excellent news from a footballing POV. Two excellent members of the squad in for another year.

  • Great stuff. Grimmer is one of my favourite players in this squad, so consistent and Wheeler is such a threat at this level.

  • Great statement of intent over the last few days. Hopefully more to follow.

  • Hang mean JJ sent that personal message to every ST holder????

  • Should we be worried that we've got no money and no chance of the play-offs but the players seem to be resigning?

    What the hell is going on?

  • I'm just surprised no one's told Wheels we're playing in the National League next season..

  • Any other STHs not getting these emails?

  • Really pleased to see the signings coming through. I'd be even more pleased to get confirmation of how it's all being paid for.

    I'm assuming once the deal with Trust reduces to 10% that new investors will be announced. I do hope it's not in the form of loan notes.

  • Exactly, I really welcome these guys staying but only if we can actually afford them and we aren't signing contracts we'll struggle to meet or going to end up with a pile of debt we'll struggle to pay off.

    I agree it's a symbol of hope that we are able to make the signings but don't agree fans (trust members and minority owners) concerns over spending and losses have ever really been addressed.

    Seeing the Couhigs put some extra money in themselves or investment from others might not massively change the dial on our finances but would certainly reassure people.

  • Glad to see them sign along with JJ and Josh.

  • So does this make all STHs ITKs?

  • In the know!

  • My guess would be that Wing will be sold in the summer, if we don’t go up, and Forino in January. Maybe Max too if there is an extension clause on his contract.

    What are those players realistically worth?

  • After seeing the accounts posted on Friday we will need wholesale change. It was and is fairly obvious that we will find it difficult even with improved matchday experiences to get more than 5000 home fans through the door on average in League One. This means we can't continue the level of spending and must cut our wage budget next season by £2-2.5M to remain sustainable.

    I am delighted that JJ, Scowen, Grimmer and Wheeler are staying, in fact I would be delighted with most of our senior pro's staying, however some will have to go to reduce the wage budget significantly to be replaced with cheaper options. I can see us relying more on players like Tjay, Young, Pattenden, Leathers and Ward next season to fill the bench and start when we have injuries.

    We can't continue to chase the dream with such huge losses.

  • Not that I'm chasing them out of the door but I think we could potentially get a lot more if we aren't desperate.

    If you take the assumption that Wing is wanted by several championship and top L1 teams then he could easily be worth more on his own.

    The big "we're not little Wycombe" differentiator is occasionally saying no to bids and demanding more, if we have the ability to do so, if we don't want to stand in anyone's way and need to take all available income then there really is no bottom to how little we could earn other than zero.

  • Marking the signing of three key players by discussing who we could get rid of in a fire sale is peak Gasroom.

  • Wing is not worth anywhere near one million. He has one year left on his deal. He’s 27 (no resale profit possible). Championship finances are in the gutter. He’s a top player but we’d get no more than £300k.

  • I'm with you @floyd surely if we are so ****ed we will have to sell everyone even if we do go up so the discussion is academic. To be fair, I don't know what wages anyone is on or their resale value or if Rob is ringing Qatar as we speak.

  • I think the real test will come in whether we offer Sam Vokes, Garath McCleary, Jordan Obita, Lewis Wing and Ryan Tafazoli new contracts - not, with the greatest of respect to Wheeler and Grimmer, them.

    Wheeler and Grimmer are two of my three favourite players in the squad and I'm delighted they're staying longer, but I doubt either are in the highest wage bracket. Scowen probably is. The names mentioned above probably are. We've signed one on to a new contract, which is a big statement of intent. But I can't imagine we'll sign many more, not given our gobsmacking financial losses this season.

  • Delighted that 2 more of strong characters have stayed. With JJ, Josh and these 2 the spine of the dressing room is excellent.

    The financial quandary remains. No Horgan and Kaikai on the books is a chunk of change as we all assume they were on championship wages. I would be delighted for Tafazoli and Vokes to stay but fear that their current terms will be beyond our current / new means. And I'm pretty sure both could get good deals elsewhere based on age and ability.

  • Either way, getting another couple of Close Quarters veterans re-signed is superb. It gives us that continuity of leadership, between JJ, Gape, Grimmer and Wheels. Hopefully more to come!

  • Vokes is an interesting one. He hasn't had the season he would have expected, and that might have hurt his value a little bit. It probably depends how well advised he is, how happy he is at Wycombe and how settled his family are as much as on how much we can pay him.

    You'd assume Taf and GMac are on bigger contracts. If we have to choose one if would be GMac, if only because of Tafs injury record

    I can see Wing leaving for the right offer. A blow hopefully softened by the return to fitness of Curt and/or Dom Gape.

    I think Jordan will re-sign.

  • Tafa would be fantastic if we could keep him fit he’s one of the best centre halves in the league. And he’s left footed. And he can play in a 2 or a 3. Such a shame he can’t stay fit.

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