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First Time Season Ticketer

Hi all,
First time Gasroomer - after being a shoddy armchair fan for a couple of seasons now, and being an occasional before that - I'm going to commit to a season ticket. Question is where? Have always been in the Family stand for 2-3 games per season before now but as a single ticketholder. I was contemplating Beechdean but quite like the 'main' stand.


  • Terrace is a better atmosphere by some margin. Language gets a bit fruity directly behind the goal. If that isn't your thing the wings are fine. Upper tier (Frank Adams) offers the best view, surrounded by long time season ticket holders, bit of atmosphere etc. if you're looking for a seat that is worth the extra.

  • Frank Adams upper Block S - love it. Great view good banter. Come and join the fun..

  • Forget Beechdean. I went to renew my season tickets in that stand, (and my three mates), and was told that after 20 consecutive years, our seats was no longer available. Being given away to local schools etc. As a result, that's at least eight people I know of, that are uncertain if we are going to bother to renew. We all feel thoroughly urinated on at the moment and the promised phone call from a club representative didn't happen yesterday.

  • I don't think that it's unreasonable for the club to change their seating schema once in a while. It's a shame that you feel unvalued, but if every fan who had been supporting the club on a long standing basis were glued to the spot, it would be impossible for the club to make any changes at all. Given the positive changes that have been going on behind the scenes for a while and the season we have just had, could you see your way to cutting the club some slack?

  • Ed, I have always cooperated with the club when asked to move for the Luton and Port Vale games never had a problem with that for one off games. I also, ever since the Frank Adams stand was built, have had to pay a premium over and above the FA Stand, to sit there. Myself and those that I speak for have varied reasons for choosing to sit there, some are a common reason some not. The main reason given to me by the very helpful and charming Lilly on reception is mainly that they wish to donate those seats to local schools? I fully understand that I may not be the future of say 25 years time and those children potentially are, but why not give the freebies to huge tranches of seats, (say FA upper tier), that are more often than not empty? Unless it is for the convenience of the club, regardless of those that have stood by the club through all the poo times as well as the good? Having just parted with £200 for a single day out at the play off final and walked into the club three days later with £850 in cash to renew season tickets it's a very huge and bitter pill to be asked to swallow.

  • Have some sympathy with your predicament and the least the club could do is ensure someone of authority contacted you to discuss. No good PR is it.

  • @DJWYC14 @AlanCecil Can someone help Ewan from the club/Trust?

  • Without wishing to comment on the rights and wrongs, isn't it also likely that the sections earmarked for local schools will actually be used to provide additional seating to away supporters, as and when required.

  • I was in the wings of the I've been moved into the middle. I quite like it. Not as close to the action as the Family Stand not as high up as the Frank Adams.

  • @Doob I would be very much surprised if they would give away supporters seats right up to Block C? Especially as the supposed intent is to fill it with local school kids? Pompey aside, which other club would have that kind of demand in L2 next season?

  • I think away fans would be given the seats next to E Block as they presently are towards the away end and the kids/schools/ etc would be at the Terrace end.

  • Well done @crispbeer and welcome on board, both as a season ticket holder and to the Gasroom.

    IMHO you'll feel more involved by being behind the goal, but as others have pointed out, the language can get fruity. Views of the game are obviously better elsewhere but when the team are playing badly, I'd definitely rather be behind the goal trying to lift them than stuck up in the Woodlands watching them struggle from afar. When they are playing well, it's obviously good to be anywhere in the ground.

    Hope my slightly biased opinion helps.

  • Luton spring to mind, maybe Oxford, depending on how their season is going. Or a big draw in the cup perhaps? I'm not saying the club want to do this but it will mean they have the option and won't have to go through the hassle of finding alternative seats for the STH's, as happened with Luton.

  • Sorry, that was in response to @EwanHoosaami

  • Forgot about Luuon. Got my doubts about Oxford, but agree they have the potential.

  • The centre of the Frank Adams Upper gives a great view, and the atmosphere can be surprisingly good - when we are doing well. A word of warning though - a fair number of people up there will get on the back of the team - and individual players - with a vengeance at the first sign of things going wrong. The atmosphere can then turn very sour very quickly.

  • We don't appear to have a Mr E Hoosaami on our Trust database so if he would like to make personal contact with the club then I am sure they can answer his question.
    Matt Cecil is Supporter Liaison Officer -email is [email protected] - though with the season now over he is due some leave soon.

    We don't want any fan not to renew their ticket just because they have been asked to move. Surely supporting your team is the most important factor not where you sit.

  • If we have sold 1200 STs so far that gives a conservative estimate of about £250K which is great. Every penny helps so would be great to add more to the coffers and get it sorted!

  • @AlanCecil Supporting the team is my primary function. Along with enjoying my view & match experience! I have no desire to sit up in the Gods, for the following reasons:
    1) I have tried it on more than the odd occasion and found it to be too far removed from the action on the pitch.
    2) It is a bitterly cold place to sit in the winter.
    3) I have two very arthritic knees and struggle not only to climb the steps, but even more of a struggle to get back down them. This is why I travel to all the home games, (weather permitting), by motorcycle so I don't have far to walk.
    4) My young son doesn't like heights at all & I'm not a big fan either.
    5) Sitting in the bottom half of the stand leaves you open to the rain, in particular if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction?
    6) Sitting where I do in the back row of the Beechdean, affords me the small but welcome luxury of standing periodically to ease the pain in my knees without disturbing the view of my fellow supporters.
    Need I go on? For the above mentioned reasons, I have been paying an added value for the last 20 years or so. I hope you can see now why I am more than a bit miffed to not have that option. As I stated earlier I know I'm not the future in 25 years or so, suspecting that I will not be above "terra firma" by then, but I am the cash flow of today and am upset that it is effectively a move or move option?

  • Ewan - please take up those issues with the club and I am sure they will do whatever they can to accommodate your wishes. There are still some season tickets available in two blocks of the Beechdean Stand.

  • edited May 2015

    I attended the club in person, spoke with Lilly. Lilly took my number and promised she would do all she could to get the relevant person to contact me on Wednesday. To date nobody has. I believe by taking the time to go to the club, telling Lilly I'm not happy, withdrawing my payment for 5 season tickets and leaving my number is taking up the issue with the club, don't you? I can also tell the club, I'm not the only one who feels this way, having since chatted with a few others in my vicinity. I feel the club would have to free up block C as well to placate those unhappy bunnies? However I do not wish to act as a spokesperson/negotiator for all, just the numbers for whom I went to renew season tickets.
    As I understand it from Lilly at the time I would have to wait for the current season ticket holders take up their option or not, before I can be given seats in those blocks anyway? I can of course be wrong on that and don't mind being corrected if I am?

  • Hi Ewan,

    I have been a season ticket holder in the main stand for 24 years now. I agree it is not pleasant to be told you have to move but I decided to look at the bigger picture. If our club can benefit from such re-allocation, then I am all for it.
    Rise above it my friend and give this initiative a go. If it works then it may be a real good move for WWFC, if it doesn't, then I am sure the club will revert back.
    You are obviously a real good supporter so my message to you is stick with it as we need you with us.
    BTW, Lilly is a real diamond and I am sure she would have passed you message on.

    Please give it a go!

    Kind Regards.

  • Do you think the club will supply a Stannah Chairlift for me then?:-)

  • Lily, lovely though she is, is a Chelsea supporter!

  • @EwanHoosaami please can you drop me a mail just with your contact details and I will ensure this is followed through - [email protected]

  • I don't understand Ewan...why not sit at the back of the Beechdean...just in a different place. I am doing just that. Have they all gone?

  • @Wendoverman I haven't got a problem with that, but it was not offered and I was told I would have to wait until season ticket holders had taken up their option or not? Can't see why they wouldn't to be honest?

  • That IS strange as I just asked for a seat at the back in D and I got one allocated even before the Plymouth home game. I suppose it is easier if it is just one. Or it is a crap seat no-one wants, of course...

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