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Matt Ingram's Injury?

Just wondered if I'd missed any news on what exactly Matt's injury is? Now the season is over I guess there's no need to hide it any more.


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    Id take a guess at some kind of knee/leg injury if you watch the Northampton highlights(around 30 seconds) , as that where woody seems to have accidentally connected.

  • Yes I'd seen that it looks to be a knee injury, and that's the problem. It could be something as simple as bad bruising, or something a lot worse like cruciate ligaments. The fact he missed the whole playoffs means it's unlikely to be something straightforward. Let's just hope it's nothing like Scott Hogan of Brentford who injured his knee in April and has been announced today that he's expected to be out for 12 months...

  • Hopefully it won't be like Scott Hogan's, but if Matty is out long-term we know we have a very capable replacement.

  • From watching the footage again, Woody barely collides with him, the injury was most likely caused by the way Matt fell. If you reduce the video to 1/4 speed and pause at 33/34 seconds, his shin and thigh are clearly pointing in different directions, which for me would point to something involving the lateral ligaments in the knee (although I'm no expert!).

    The fact that he was able to continue for a few minutes after sustaining the injury should indicate that he's not torn any of the ligaments, much more likely to have strained them, and even very minor strains of knee ligaments can take weeks to get to 80%+ fitness. I'd suspect to see him back at some point in pre-season, depending on exactly how bad it is, that is if I'm correct at all with any of the above assumptions,but they are just that, assumptions. With the way that GA has run the club this season, I doubt we will know anything until we see him back on the field at some point, undoubtedly with little news of his return until a teamsheet is released.

  • There's can't be any benefit to anyone to hide the extent of the injury any longer can there? It can't be kept a secret until the first game of the season so there's no competitive advantage to be had.

    I know that there are more important things going on right now with the need to add fresh blood to the squad - not to mention it's holiday season in the football world - but it would still be nice just to have a rough idea of what's going on with him.

    Similarly, there's been no official news from Brentford about Sam Saunders injury, which is odd given they released a story about Scott Hogan's knee injury yesterday. From looking at his twitter it seems he's expecting a summer of treatment on whatever he's done, so it's not a simple muscle strain.

  • For Ingram, medial ligament I believe but not too serious. He will be fit for pre-season.

    Saunders injured both his foot and calf on saturday.

  • Heard very recently that no operation is needed as there was talk of career threatening injury.

  • about as likely as us being promoted instead of southend because they played an ineligible player .... why make a joke about something so serious !

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