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  • Congratulations JJ, no one deserves it more!

  • Can't imagine him playing in the Championship, but a good call assuming we don't go up - still plenty to offer at League One level and it would almost feel wrong for him not to have a testimonial.

  • Great news. Sounds like it was a trigger in the existing contract rather than a decision to extend.

  • Joyous news, well done JJ

  • That is awesome, looking forward to the game against Cardiff.

    He's been playing so well lately and fully deserves a years extension.

  • Decent chance we play Cardiff in the league next season anyway

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    Come on @ReturnToSenda let's believe we can make it until the fat maths lady starts singing.

    You could have dressed up a bit for the sponsor's dinner @bluntphil

  • Fantastic news! Well done JJ!!!

  • Fully deserved. Excellent servant to the club. Not sure he would play many games in the Championship but could still do a decent job in League 1. Appears he had an extension clause in his existing contract. I wonder if others have something similar.

  • Hasn't let anyone down recently at LB although he's a bit slow for that generally now, as a Left sided CB in a 3 he's as good as anyone. Legend. Well done.

  • Is he the third manager to get a testimonial? Did Gaz get one as well as Blooms?

  • He’s been resurgent at centre back and fully deserves another year. We need to have continuity of leadership in the dressing room and no one would be surprised if he started his journey into the back room next season.

    Wonder who else had triggers.

  • The continuity of leadership bit is spot on. We can't lose too big of a chunk of our current club culture.

  • I wonder if anyone has nearly triggered ? But wont get selected as they deemed unaffordable ?? Didn't that happen before with someone ??

  • Probably more something you put in for an older player?

    Interesting though. JJ's shown this last few weeks he's definitely worth a last year either way.

  • Nick Freeman is also only three years from his testimonial.

    Question about Gape - he joined on loan in 2016 but signed full contract in 2017. Would he get his testimonial in 2026 along with Nick, or 2027?

  • Matt Spring??

    I remember a bizarre scenario at Forest under David Platt when it was rumoured that when they had signed striker Stern John there was a caveat in his contract that if he scored over a certain number of goals (20?) it triggered some massive payment so he stopped being played as the club was in difficulties. Who signs a striker with a limit on the goals they can score? David Platt that's who.

  • That's mad to think about! Probably because he's been a regular starter for such short periods.

    10 full seasons in a row is the traditional rule isn't it?

  • I seem to remember a couple of players whose Wycombe careers came to what seemed like a premature ending - speculation was so that a contract extension wasn't triggered. Don't think we ever denied someone a testimonial season though.

    No idea who they were anymore ...

  • I feel like Paul Emblen was one?

  • David Platt was an awful manager but won't be the only manager to have gone full Sunderland Will Grigg on deadline day and regretted it later

  • Delighted with this news. Think he just edges out Anthony Stewart as my favourite play from the Ainsworth era!

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    I have wished several times that the club would release a 'Greatest JJ corners' video, showing all of the goals, disallowed goals, near misses, saves and tap-ins from two inches out from JJ's corners.

    @bluntphil hint hint. :)

  • A great idea! Can we all start suggesting ones for inclusion please and we’ll find them in the archive…

  • The one v Millwall which got disallowed because Scott Kashket allegedly pulled their 'keeper over...

  • I seem to remember he hit the bar with an outswinger at Pompey on Boxing Day 2019 too. @bluntphil we were there

  • Maybe that's why we let Horgan and Kaikai go? Only speculating but we'll never know these details.

    I really hope Thompson ges fit in time to prove his worth.

    Lots of players out of contact this year.

  • I assume the goals will be easier to find, but just in case, last day against Fleetwood in 2018-19, and the hattrick sealer home to Lincoln in 2019-20 spring to mind. I know there are others.

    Very early in the 2018-19 season, Mackhail-Smith scored from about an inch away at Bradford.

    Vokes' first goal for us away to Cheltenham early in 2021-22 season was a great corner, but not sure if it was heading in.

    Taff's scored a header, I think last season at AP, that looked like it was close to going in. Maybe home to Morecambe?

    Playoff semi-final, away to Fleetwood, went down as an own goal with the keeper tangled in the net, but it was going in.

  • We had a second one disallowed in the Championship season early doors too, home to Watford. Samuel supposedly fouled Ben Foster, but Foster has since admitted he dived.

    There was one away to Morecambe a few years back where there were questions of it being over the line when the keeper saved it.

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