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EFL Sustainability Table

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I see that we are currently equal 16th across the 72 EFL Clubs on the latest EFL sustainability table.

This is a decent result but suggests we still have a fair bit of work to do to move upwards

The table & associated article are here -


  • Bit less tofu and a bit more steak and Forest Green might not be bottom of the table.


  • Do you think that our score has gone up because we are offering nothing of worth at the kiosks and we have let out the catering to independant companies? That way, any waste isn't against the club but its against those companies??

  • Saved water when toilets closed during the cold snap

    Banned drummer to reduce noise impact

    Only failed to turn the lights off once in Frank Adams Upper after the start of the second half

    Rainwater harvesting in Frank Adams Upper

  • As always, it would be nice to know a little bit more about how these scores are being calculated than is ever given. Following the link to Sport Positive and eventually to Strive and Vertis Environmental Finance Plc does little to fill in the blanks. One wonders whether fan travel is considered and if so, whether our relatively meagre following as compared to the likes of Plymouth Argyle for example are factored in the equation.

    The fan travel part of the consideration is quite a key topic as far as I can see and I know that it is factored into top flight equations, in my view as a means of overshadowing other things that they could be doing. It made me chuckle the other day to hear a Premier League club justifying flying the team to all their matches by saying that it only represented 0.25% of their carbon emissions. Of course it does when you have tens of thousands of people making return journeys across the country (and sometimes the continent) on a weekly basis. ; and we wonder why individuals are cynical about reducing their own carbon footprint when those who consume the most brush aside their responsibilities so casually.

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    We are also still top of The Fuck Ups Table for the embarrassment of the anthem and silence when Her Majesty passed.

  • Personally, I think we did a cracking job. Absolutely hilarious relief after days of tedious fawning.

  • No coincidences that the clubs from the places where all the hippies move to (including weed smoking capital of England Bristol). Ie the South West plus Norwich do so well. Forest Green are just ucky that Hebden Bridge up here (albeit the other side of the hills) dont have a decent club they'd thrash them - and probably ban meat outright!

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