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Gareth Ainsworth Era Wycombe XI

Not neccessarily best players, but for what they added during their time....


Jombati Mawson Stewart JJ

McCleary Scowen Eze Mehmeti

Bayo Vokes


  • Hard to argue with that. It says everything about the amazing decade we had with GA (and how many iconic players we've had) that you could only bring in 3 that played on that night at Wembley....

  • That would be some team.

  • Darius Charles needs to fit in there somewhere.

  • Possibly Ingram for Stockdale, aside from that spot on in my view.

  • You can’t have an Ainsworth Era XI without Bloomfield.

  • Players he signed, or just played under him?

  • edited March 2023

    Although they were league 2 players I think the standard improved dramatically when Hayes joined, and Wood was offered a new contract.

    The season after Torquay survival was such a surprise given how low we'd sunk before, and I think those early signings by Gaz were key to set the tone for the rest of his era, it obviously included JJ and Sido who have been included above.

    Also Fred made his first appearance round that time and although left disappointingly for Luton he's a key component of the Ainsworth era.

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