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Charlton Away for a 6 year old

Hi all. I promised my 6 year old season ticket holder an away day this season.

He picked out this game.

Can anyone give me a reason why it would not be a good idea to take him? He's buzzing but I'm a little nervous as never been to Charlton myself.


  • You’ll be fine. Charlton is a friendly club and the stand is big enough that you can move away from any shouty sweary types.

    He’ll remember it for ever, it’s a good match to choose.

  • Station right by ground

    well organized friendly club

    Big crowd

    Green grass

    Red v Blue

    He’ll be hooked for life

    Do it

  • My son’s first away game was Millwall aged six or so.

    We were the guests of our company secretary and went into the family stand.

    Bear in mind we had lost 5 and drawn 1 or his previous matches we weren’t expecting much.

    When the second goal went in to put us two up my son leapt up cheering! Cue some very angry stares and comments!

    My friend has to explain to the locals that he didn’t understand the rules as it was his first game.

    Perhaps not my finest hour of parenting, but he’ll never forget it!

  • He has done Wembley and a number of home games. Not worried about keeping him entertained.

    Was more worried about the characters we may encounter and the journey. Is it quickest to go by train or drive?

  • Train

  • Yup, pretty easy away game, rail from London bridge or bus from the o2. Apart from a tiny bit of a bottleneck on the way out it's fine there. You can even get chips next to the away end, and it's seated.

    Oddly I don't think we've had anything but hammerings in the league when I've been after the masterclass we put on against them in the cup when they were still just about hanging on as a premier league team.

  • Charlton are one of those clubs that is easy to like.

  • I'm bringing my six year old.

  • Thanks guys

  • Your son will be pretty much the only person with legroom!

  • I found Charlton fans to be very pleasant last time round. As others have said, very big away stand so if there's some pissed up Wycombe boys swearing too much for your liking down one end, you can easily move.

  • My late brother was a lifelong Charlton supporter, sponsor and, very briefly, a director.

    A good friend from working days in London always comes to games against Charlton at Adams Park. He’d always been my guest in the Woodland Lounge and the Frank Adams stand. This season he came to us for lunch and I drove him to Adams Park. Was sad not being at the match myself.

    I wholeheartedly endorse the comments above, @thecatwwfc, and hope your son has as good an experience as @Lloyd2084’s son did at the New Den.

  • Charlton's a good away day and a great choice for a first away match. Apart from the away end, it's a Premier League standard stadium. They'll be a decent sized, but not huge crowd. Locals are friendly enough, so no aggro. A nice easy one to get to by train as well.

    I don't get to many away games these days, but really looking forward to Saturday. Oxford was my only other away game so far this season.

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