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Goals from corners?

After our performance against Barnsley yesterday, here’s a conversation starter.

What percentage of corners lead to a goal?

I believe it’s only 1 in 20 (5%) but would like to be enlightened.


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    Historically roughly that, but the embracing of set-piece coaches etc. seems to have pushed it up. There have been an unusually high number of goals from corners in the PL this season. But short corners generally lead to higher-value chances.

  • I miss the days when our corners were as exciting as a free kick from just outside the area, as it always felt as though JJ might stick it in!

    I hope he has at least one more in him for old time's sake.

  • He’s saving it up for Wembley

  • Always felt that there were more goals from corners under Martin, when you had Gupps and Jesus swinging them in, and Crease, Andy Kerr, or Terry Evans getting on the end of them.

    Don't know if the stats would bear that out though.

    Going back even further, didn't big John Delaney score a lot of goals from corners?

  • JJ seems to take fewer set pieces these days. Probably tactical as you might not want your centre back taking them, but even from left back seems to take a few less now?

    But in Taf and Forino we've arguably got the biggest centre back goal threat we've had in years.

  • Martin used to regularly have one of the tall players glance it off the top of their head at the near post, and a number of the big guns would arrive at the back post to put away the deflected corner.

    In his first spell Anton Vircavs was superb at attacking the ball from Corners. His combination of power and a huge leap, made him a real threat from corners, and can't think of anyone that dangerous since.

  • I think Mawson and Pierre were big corner threats one season. Scored a few headed goals I recall.

  • Definitely, albeit league 2 where the level of defending is lesser.

    Taf and Forino if we can regularly field them, will be a big threat.

  • Terry Evans surely?

    He scored loads didn't he? Didn't even really have to jump either

  • Roger Johnson was a threat at corners too.

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    Mike Williamson was another set piece goal threat as I recall. I think he was top scorer at the point of the season when he left.

  • It's been said many a time before but Muller's good at corners

  • @NewburyWanderer Big John Delaney used to get a lot from corners taken at the top of the slope. Massive home advantage because the trajectory was deceiving unless you were used to the lie of the land, so to speak... We nearly caught Middlesborough out a couple of times with crosses coming in from in front of the main stand, looking low and flat but turning out to be the perfect height for the header.

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