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Singing - Frank Adams Stand - Final 4 & Beyond

An excellent point was made on the Facebook page today. If we want more atmosphere coming from the stand that has the potential to create one then this is down to us as fans.

I often feel tempted to start a chant and I’m happy to do so, as I have a noisy, bellowing voice!! But I’m so reluctant as there are lots of empty seats near me.

So I’m calling on the Gasroom and @bluntphil for help. If you already sit in the Frank Adams Stand in the top tier, will you consider switching your ticket for the next match at least to ‘Q Block’ and make a concerted effort to get the atmosphere going in there.

We all know these things spread and become habit. I’m convinced that over the final four games we can make a difference to the players on the pitch and do our bit. Before you know it the noise can be spreading through the stand and beyond.

Many of us have moved from the terrace to the Frank Adams over the years and I know will enjoy helping to create a better atmosphere.

So please bring a scarf to swirl, show off your club colours, bring your voice and your friends and get things going from the Milton Keynes game on Easter Monday.

One more thing. I love to swear. Lots. But the smartest clubs with atmospheres get things going more with the chants that everyone can join in, kids included. So I’ll focus more on these ones as I don’t want to miss a trick.

For all the faults of the ex drummer, he is trying his best and I’m happy to admit I should take a leaf out of his book, to some extent.

Please share the word.

Who’s in?



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