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Singing - Frank Adams Stand - Final 4 & Beyond

An excellent point was made on the Facebook page today. If we want more atmosphere coming from the stand that has the potential to create one then this is down to us as fans.

I often feel tempted to start a chant and I’m happy to do so, as I have a noisy, bellowing voice!! But I’m so reluctant as there are lots of empty seats near me.

So I’m calling on the Gasroom and @bluntphil for help. If you already sit in the Frank Adams Stand in the top tier, will you consider switching your ticket for the next match at least to ‘Q Block’ and make a concerted effort to get the atmosphere going in there.

We all know these things spread and become habit. I’m convinced that over the final four games we can make a difference to the players on the pitch and do our bit. Before you know it the noise can be spreading through the stand and beyond.

Many of us have moved from the terrace to the Frank Adams over the years and I know will enjoy helping to create a better atmosphere.

So please bring a scarf to swirl, show off your club colours, bring your voice and your friends and get things going from the Milton Keynes game on Easter Monday.

One more thing. I love to swear. Lots. But the smartest clubs with atmospheres get things going more with the chants that everyone can join in, kids included. So I’ll focus more on these ones as I don’t want to miss a trick.

For all the faults of the ex drummer, he is trying his best and I’m happy to admit I should take a leaf out of his book, to some extent.

Please share the word.

Who’s in?


  • Agree with all that you say. I have a terrace season, but have swopped into the Frank Adams for the vast majority of the home games I have been able to attend this season.

    I have usually sat low in Block R, will see what is available in Q for the mk game.

  • The biggest problem is simply even on the Valley End very few people bother singing more than a couple of times a game unless we're absolutely tearing it up. At the risk of being an old curmudgeon, the kids who come these days don't seem to enjoy that side of going to football like my generation did 20-25 years ago.

    If you can get something going from the Woodlands, more power to your elbow.

  • Can we have a swearing section?

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    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fussy person on the swearing, and a lot of people not just me take kids in the top tier of that stand. But when the chants are along the lines of ‘so and so is a c#n7’ I’m not going to be in the middle of it with the nippers. Mrs would kill me!!

    Take the bounce around song, nobody enjoys it more than the kids and it looked fantastic those times last season and everyone can be involved etc.

  • I stopped taking my kids to the Frank Adams Upper because of the swearing.

    Family stand for us…more genteel abuse of the officials.

  • Worse issue than swearing for me is the backseat coaches who tend to start moaning and calling out players minutes in. Seems worse in the FA upper with less singing. You get an underlying muttering reinforced by any missed pass or setback. Had to change seat last time I was up their as one of the dullards was annoying me so much.

    Quite a few players we had songs for have moved on so songs for each player doesn't seem to be much of a thing anymore.

    What people said above is spot on though, join in when you hear a song if you want the atmosphere to be better. It's infectious in a good way.

  • Frank Adams Block R near the front. Usually quiet. Behind me I have some very good analysis, not moaning, and some analysis that has improved. The latter used to invoke a lot of barracking of certain players but that has been toned down.

    I am not averse to a song but have such a terrible singing voice (people have asked me to stop at gigs and I was excluded from the whole class choir) that I’m not going to start anything beyond a ‘spoken’ chant a la Chairboys Barmy Army

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    Block Q here.

    The annoying thing as a season ticket holder is when you get ‘fans’ turning up for the big games, then moaning throughout the game as they’re clearly an expert from watching Man Utd on Sky.

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    Lower block R here. (When the trains run… so not very often this season*).

    Rarely sing these days (wrecked my voice back in the Isthmian League) days).

    Never slag our players off. Invariably slag off referees and their assistants. Annoyingly as I’ve got older, applaud good opposition goals (I blame Dean Windass).

    The analytical skills of someone who could easily be mistaken for never having seen a game of football before. (Apologies to anyone within earshot - half the Gasroom by the looks of it).

    *I must have upset someone high up in RMT somehow. I think all their Saturday strikes have coincided with home Wycombe games.

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    This ! Had 2 lads turn up behind us at the Exeter game, all they did all game was talk constantly about Premier teams and take the piss. Could've very easily thrown them over the wall !

    I know you shouldn't let it get to you, but it does when it's all you hear all the time. It ruins your own game day, and we are the ones that have to pay top dollar for it

  • It amazes me sometimes how few people on the terrace bother to sing at all.

  • Or if that isn’t possible substitute blocks F and K with N and T?

  • For ignoramuses like me RMT is the National Union of Rail, Marine and Transport Workers.

  • I mostly use See You Next Tuesday @micra old luv but NUCT works for me😉

  • Funnily enough I just used that very phrase (Benny Hill at his most sophisticated) to my daughter and son-in-law when they asked us if we could keep their Jack Russell until, yes you guessed it, next Tuesday whilst Jon recovers from an operation on his spine.

  • Of course, I laughed heartily at my spontaneously witty and original response.

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    If you hadn't said "lads", suggesting youth, I'd have been worried for a second there you meant me and a pal.

    Although you also suggest they're not regularly near you 😂

  • A wit generated at the Central University of Newcastle upon Tyne?

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    We had two guys and one young lady behind us in the terrace on Saturday. In between their main conversation, which was very loudly discussing the current scores in the PL games, they managed to shout helpful (not) instructions including many obscenities at our players as to where they had gone wrong and what they should have done. I do wonder why they wasted the ticket price, they could have stayed at home in the warm and probably enjoyed the afternoon more.

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    I always love some of these tales of fans around us.

    It needs a rough location in a stand though - just to see if it's somewhere near the rest of us and if we know the characters involved.

  • Sit in Block R of the Frank Adams and there's hardly any swearing.

    A few berate the players/ref but with no expletives. I have on very rare occasions spontaneously stood up and given the ref a mouthful with the odd swear word or two. But immediately feel very self conscious and sit down apologetically.

    I would be very surprised if there is a less sweary part of a football stadium in the country.

  • I once got told by some random who turned up in the row in front not to swear for saying "frigging".

  • @username123 The next home game is MKD on April 1st.

    Easter Monday home game is v Forest Green

  • I swear quite a lot in block R but I have a middle-class posho south Bucks accent so no-one seems to notice. It fucking amazes me.

    (you didn’t notice that one did you?)

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    Definitely lads, well younger than me, in their early 20's I'd say. Not regulars there, thankfully the one and only time this season. If they are that infatuated with the Premier league just go a watch a game there !

    What got me more than anything was that one of them barely stopped talking to catch breath, it was just constant talking for the sake of it

  • Took me a moment to think what you were getting at, @Malone, not least because I know full well that you would never use that word.

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