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Man of the Match - Bristol Rovers (A)

Leaving this early as I have a meeting coming up and will need to watch on silent (for those of you who care about an excuse!)

  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Bristol Rovers (A)?70 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. McCarthy
    4. Forino
    5. Jacobson
    6. Scowen
    7. Wing
    8. De Barr
    9. Campbell
    10. McCleary
    11. Hanlan
    12. Willis (sub)
    13. Other sub (specify)


  • All pretty good today, especially second half, but Stryjek stood out for me. Great saving. Great kicking. Great s***housery. Great clean sheet.

  • I had to go GMac, though several worthy candidates. He looked like a 21 year old burning them down the wing.

  • McCleary for me. They couldn't get near him

  • I went with Hanlan, endless endeavour and battling, and a very well taken goal, I don't think his finishing's always the best but tonight it was on point when it needed to be.

    Many quality performances though, Stryjek rock solid in goal, JJ doing some great interceptions and also contributing offensively, DeBarr's relentless energy, McCleary bombing up and down the wing, Scowen being Scowen.

    The performances could be said to have been even better in the context of an initially decent-looking Gas side, plus the names that were missing on the teamsheet tonight.

  • Hanlan. Effective throughout and took his goal well. Could have had a hat-trick had some of our passing in the attacking third been a little more on point at times.

    Can’t not mention Scowen again too, let’s be honest.

  • Loads of good candidates today, not least Blooms for getting it bang on tactically with a patched up squad.

    GMac had a below par first half but an astonishing second half. Hanlan was a pain in the arse throughout. I had to go for Tjay though, always a joy to watch. Smashing rovers players like ninepins, some superb tackles including one that was an assist, and more than one pin-point no-look pass. Took his first ever league start by the balls.

  • Really difficult choice tonight (in a good way!). I plumped for Hanlan, as he was a great outlet throughout the 90mins. Could easily have been Max, Forino, McCarthy, De Barr (for his 1st half), McCleary (for his 2nd half) and of course Scowen was his usual self. Campbell also had a good 1st half, faded again in the 2nd half, but was in the right place to grab a vital goal.

  • I went for Hanlan too. That team needed a big performance tonight from whoever led the line instead of Sam Vokes and it got one.

    He never stopped working and providing a real threat even when we went 5-4-1.

    Great stuff.

  • Hanlan for the goal and some great battling moments, although TJ for 60mins and GMac for the second half were also excellent, as was Max doing what he had to do when needed.

  • Max for me. Without doubt the best signing this season & has the potential to become a Wycombe legend. 🦏

  • Probably one of our strongest performances this season, Rovers attacked us with a lot of purpose but we held strong.

    Mentions for De Barr who was tenacious and tricky, McCleary who really troubled them with direct running, Scowen and Strjyek as per, but Hanlan MOM he was brilliant tonight.

  • I thought two young players came of age tonight. De Barr showed he’s first team material. Lots more to come from him and incredibly timely as well given how stretched we are.

    That was also Chem Campbell’s most complete 90 minutes. There’s been a couple of performances from him where it wasnt totally clear he had the heart and tenacity to go with his obvious talents. Not tonight though. He stayed in the game throughout and kept doing the hard yards as well as his attacking role. Deserved his goal, having done well to get himself in the six yard box.

    Great stuff from both players.

  • For the first 15 minutes we looked like being overrun but we rode our luck and the rest of the game was pretty even steven apart from a spell early in the second half but, compared with the start of the first half, we had improved defensively and somehow kept them out, not least thanks to the efforts of Grimmer, Forino, McCarthy and Max. And once again we saw JJ getting surprisingly far forward on a couple of occasions. At times tonight I was amazed by the number of red shirted players swarming in and around the Bristol penalty area.

    The above rambling reflections demonstrate how difficult I’ve found it to single anyone out. It was yet another whole team effort but I thought Max looked incredibly brave (as always) and, as it turned out, unbeatable. What a fantastic signing he’s been. He gets my vote.

  • TJay for me. That’s a great performance to step in and play like that.

    and echo @Theatre_of_Chairs comments that both TJay and Chem stepped up tonight.

    And Willis looked absolutely up to the level when he came on.

  • Wycombe need to get that contract sorted for Tjay sooner rather than later though. Can't be losing him for free on his current trajectory.

  • Can’t believe Tjay has got votes.

    Even before half time the general consensus on here was he needed to be taken off before he got sent off.

    With our injury crisis and lack of depth on the bench a forced early second half substitution was not what was needed.

    Could this be why he’s not got game time under Ainsworth?

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  • Tjay was brilliant and deserves all his votes. I was one of the people saying to sub him early but that doesn’t mean he didn’t put in a match-winning shift.

  • Tjay's movement is so good. He constantly finds these little pockets of space and defenders find it very difficult to track him. His link up play was excellent last night, he seemed to be at the heart of all our best moves. Perfect example of his performance was the run he made for Campbell to pick him out in the 1st half, looked certain to score but was denied by an great defensive block.

  • Glad someone else noticed this. TJ’s movement in the channels often resembles movement of players in divisions above. If he can continue hitting the net and maturing from a technical point of view … then wow we have a player on our hands.

  • Surprised Grimmer hasn't got more votes. Made two goal-line clearances.

  • Actually wished I went Strjek now. Made a crucial 1v1 save at 0-0 and that save when he is helpless on the ground is actually one of the best I've ever seen

  • Whole team were great. I voted Strjyek - I reckon he showed agility, timing, commitment and the ability to plan throughout the game. I wanted to mention McCleary - I reckon he paced himself very cleverly, with the probability that he would on the pitch for the full 90, then tormenting the left side of the Rovers defence and delighting all the watching Wycombe fans during the second half.

  • Max for me 2 excellent saves at 0-0 and 2-0 won us the game.

    TJ was absolutely superb in the first half and as others have said has that bit of edge, something different, about him. I noticed Scowen having a word with on a couple of occasions - the perfect mentor for someone who plays that way.

    Campbell has quickly learned to put in the hard graft and did well.

    Others all did great but special mention to Blooms who made the early sub to change shape which worked perfectly

  • Can’t be many games where Scowen has played and not got a vote.

  • Scowen had a good game as well! Just shows how good some of the other players were, if he's not got a vote.

  • Max for me. One piece of astonishing 'keeping earned the nod over Hanlan who again looked REALLY dangerous. Dare I say he looked better without Vokes as he was on the last man more? Puts tin hat on, slopes into the shadows.

  • Tjay rightly gets a lot of plaudits for his closing and harassing but he's got some pace and skill. If we can accommodate him with he's going to be some player

  • Went with Max as, although GMac had a great 2nd half, it took him a while to get into the game.

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