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Exeter have just published their accounts -

An interesting read with substantially more information than we release.

They made a profit of £1m last year - although only after transfer fees of £1.5m and covid insurance money. Not sure if we were similarly insured.

The transfer fees is interesting - they make a lot of money from their academy - in the year in question at least £1m of the £1.5m was the sale of Joel Randall and the accounts note that they have already made a significant amount in the next financial year from the sale of another academy graduate, Alfie Pond.

That leaves transfer revenue of at most £0.5m coming from the sell on fee from Brentford's sale of Watkins to Villa for a reported £28m - does suggest Exeter's sell on percentage was small which may have some read across into our ability to include a substantial sell on into Anis's sale (subject to any release clause in his contract)

Make of the rest as you will.


  • IIRC Rob said we benefited from very strong Covid insurance.

  • Watkins was sold in Sep 20 from Brentford to Villa, these accounts are from July 21 to June 22.

    The previous years accounts show player sales of 5 million which would suggest a healthy sell on for Watkins of around 4 million.

  • I was wondering the same, but I'm far too lazy to look it up.

  • Oops channeling my inner Play School, it appears I have been talking out of my round hole….

  • Great, now I need to bleach my brain.

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