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Walk For Bill

What a tribute and a wonderful cause. Please consider contributing if not taking part. Hopefully a few of us can get around.


  • Hoping to make this, though rarely walk that far in a week, let alone a day.

    Club is aiming to organise a team fundraising, so we can raise funds as a collective, rather than have all participants chasing the same people.

  • His Gareth Ainsworth impersonation = Top guy.

  • Hartlepool United fans here. My wife & I completed the 4 Jeff Marches in 2021 (2 of only 7 participants to do all 4) & have signed up for this one too.

    We plan to stay at the High Wycombe Travelodge on 16 & 17 September, so is anybody willing to share travel costs to get to Wembley on Sunday 17th? Chiltern trains will not arrive in time for the anticipated 7.00-7.30 registration at Wembley & I've struggled to see if there are any suitable buses

  • I'm nearer Wembley than Wycombe but hope you get sorted. You are right it's a short hop on the Chiltern line usually but will be too early. You may be able to bus it to amersham and get on a met line tube. I think it might have made more sense for people to do it in the other direction but sure there's more to it than that. keep an eye out on here, it's possible the club will put on some kind of transport or others will take up your offer.

    How is the walk by the way, for an average ageing and fairly unfit 40 something?

  • I’m in but don’t live near Wycombe so can’t help with lifts. Note to self, must do training!

  • I'm told PCUK will most likely sort this issue in good time for the day.

  • Thank you for your replies - much appreciated.

    Strongest - with Bill's support in mind, it had to end at Wycombe. I've never been to Wembley (neither have Hartlepool Utd) but I imagine it's a relatively soul-less place in comparison.

    I'm 69 & my wife is 58 & although we did a reasonable amount of walking (mainly in The Lake District) we hadn't tackled anything like this before 2021. It's certainly doable, & Prostate Cancer will post some training tips on the website & by email. You have 6 months to get in some regular walking, gradually building up your distances. In our training for 2021 the most we walked in a day was 21 miles, but we were preparing for 3 consecutive marathon days then 2 days rest before the final one. If you can build up to 15-18 miles on a single day by the end of your training, you should be ok. At the moment we are averaging 9,000 steps a day, if that's any encouragement. The experience with your fellow marchers is a great one & their encouragement & banter will keep you going & help pass the miles; that's what's got us to repeat the experience. Make yourself known to us at the time if you need encouragement to keep you going.

    There are brief details of our training & a photo gallery on our Just Giving page

    Alan - if 2021 is anything to go by, PCUK will try to help but it won't extend to providing transport as that's not within their remit. But never say never, & if the club is trying to help marchers, then great

  • It gets a lot of stick but it's pretty good round Wembley stadium now, lots new and going on there. Not a problem this way round though and convenient for most Wycombe fans.

    Will check out your links, quite a long time to go but sure it will sneak up. Maybe the people who arrange away travel can help put on a coach if this gets the traction it deserves.

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