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Match of the Day to Air Without Presenter or Pundits

@Wendoverman’s idea of broadcast football heaven? I’m sure he’s not alone.


  • Tried in vain to attach poll. Let’s not bother.

  • There's too much chat and not enough action on MOTD which is why i stopped watching it about 10 years ago but i'll watch it tonight without having to put up with boring pundits especially Shearer who is so dull.

  • MOTD has been around for donkeys, it is a broadcasting icon, it will survive with or without Mr Lineker & Co.

  • It may well be better without them but for some watching it in these circumstances will be equivalent to crossing a picket line.

    Others won't give a toss and they are entitled to that opinion.

  • I can imagine that the viewing figures could rise if only out of curiosity to see what it's like to view without the incessant babbling of horlicks. Like some on here, I only watch it on a Sunday morning on IPlayer so that I can fast forward through the pundits, like the EFL show, I only watch on ITV X so that I can do likewise.

  • No one who cares about upholding democracy should watch MOTD tonight

  • Looking forward to watching this evening, might be a new dawn of watching football shows, no presenters wanting the attention and actually showing the footie and letting us draw our own conclusions.........

  • ...oh and I hate democracy of any sort 😶

  • I record MOTD and fast forward the pundits. A much better watch. Looking forward to watching tonight.


    On this occasion, Brian you’re wrong


    Sky throwing shade

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    Gotta love the kid playing hide and seek in the back of the gaffers post match 😂....from 3:20 in.

    sorry wrong thread!

  • Treating the audience with contempt with the show 20 mins long.

    Haven’t watched it in years. Fed up with all the over analysis that comes to the Premier League. And never really convinced with the ‘experts’ that just feel like an old boy network.

    The BBC seem to be fucked now though. This will either need to go away soon or they will be facing the biggest scrutiny in their existence.

    As a side note I think this Lineker thing is an ego driven sideshow. The biggest crisis is the David Attenborough documentary. Now that is genuine bullshit!

  • Watching now - I like it, even VAR is good!!!!

  • It's gonna be a right laugh then they have to show their two FA Cup games with no commentary or studio coverage next weekend...

  • Compelling condensed format works.

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    As a fellow Forest follower I respectfully disagree @Forest_Blue , the actual game footage / highlights has been poor for a long time. If you start a game, go for a pee and you’ll miss about 2 goals they don’t show all that much. As an example today they had an opportunity to ‘’show more football’’ as Brian suggested, yet Spurs v Forest had 3 minutes and 38 seconds. You can get the Sky Sports app for free and get 3 minutes anyway.

    The best thing about tonight though was less spotlight was given to VAR, it really bothers me that we often watch 10-20 seconds of the referee for a VAR decision - that isn’t a highlight. Richarlison had a goal disallowed which disgracefully to almost 4 minutes to rule out. Ultimately offside is offside and due to the structure of Match of the Day this evening the VAR decision and offside lines took about 3 seconds of the show.

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    Great post 👍I stand corrected.

    I would like Gary Lineker back, but less chat too. And too much chat on the EFL highlights too.

  • You suspect they'll come up with a "compromise" that allows them to save face so next week isn't ruined.

  • I would counter that by saying only too much on the Championship highlights. L1 & L2 don't they show 2 or 3 games, have a waffle for a minute or two then move on to the next 2/3 games?

  • I suspect the fact that they employ many other folks who bake cakes get on trains, say 'I'm out' and 'You're fired' and even 'The next round is Answer Smash' on the BBC dollar, who then make their feelings known on Twitter required a shambling BBC backtrack which could have been avoided if they had not been panicked by barking, whining, vaguely threatening politicos with the public vapors in the first place. I accept that some people like the studio banter which I do not, but I can live with it. Interviews I missed. I agree the football they did show was pathetically miniscule. I cannot believe those clips were the same length they would have been had all been in place as usual.

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    If the clips were the usual length it goes to show just how much (mostly) inane verbiage we normally have to scroll through.

  • Í generously added ‘mostly’ in my edit.

  • I have noticed for a while that the BBC do tend to go off on rants about the officials and VAR. While yes, some of these mistakes / allowing a goal to stand or ruling it out can cost millions in positions in the league, its not right to put the blame solely onto the officials. Every player on the pitch for that game will make a mistake throughout the season which, in one form or another, could also cost or gift a goal and yet every week it seems to be the default to pick apart the officials. If they are looking at why Greenroots football is struggling for officials, just watch MotD.

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