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"It wasn't me" - Sepp
Anyone else would have gone long ago. Even if he is innocent, he should be replaced to give FIFA a fresh start. I bet Luis Figo is regretting standing down now.


  • Of course everyone is innocent until proven otherwise but if I were a FIFA executive I wouldn't want the U.S. justice system involved .

  • I imagine is he is extremely popular outside Europe. Since he came in the world cup has gone to Africa Asia and now the middle east (although Blatter preferred the USA'S bid). Obviously not popular with the premier league because they hate not having influence. But the English press giving lectures on morals is a bit rich.

  • I think the issue is....he ignores the big national leagues and is popular with Asian, African and smaller FAs (all who have the same vote as the big FAs) because he bungs them huge amounts of money which they then use 'to help grassroots football' by buying themselves and their partners nice things. He always gets their vote.

  • No really there is no excuse here and Blatter has to go.

    If he is head of an organisation that appears to be as riddled with corruption as FiFA is and has been suspected of being for some time, he is either guilty by complicity for not stamping it out or guilty of incompetence for not being aware of it.

    Dont like politics getting into sport and dont like threat of boycotts, but really hink that if Blatter remains in power by end of June, UEFA should give serious consideration to boycotting all FIFA events, including world cup, until he goes.

  • Since the announcements I am personally boycotting the corrupt Qatar and Russia world Cups. Not much I know...but is strangely calming not to care about qualification.

  • He is unable to resign because like Robert Mugabe, when he goes it will become obvious where the bodies are buried...

  • If the extradition goes ahead of those seven officials they will be in the hands of the U.S justice system famed for plea bargains and turning in evidence in exchange for lighter sentencing.
    Sepp could be totally innocent.
    The world cup bids may have been totally fair and no money changed hands.
    All FIFA officials could have acted totally honestly and will in due course be released without further investigation.
    And let's hope that is the case because if there is a trail the sh+t is heading fanwards.

  • When you get beyond the rhetoric and ask yourself the simple question of how an organisation responsible for the good governance of the game around the world can come to a decision (after much time and expense over a rigourous two year process) to hold its blue ribband event in conditions that make it impossible to play the game and then as a supposed afterthought throw the entire footballing calendar out of whack for a few years in order to stick to their ill chosen venue, then you probably have the answer staring you in your face.

    Anyone who buys the FIFA line of football acting as a vehicle for good by somehow sabotaging its own interests in favour of the chance to teach the people of the Near East about what a wonderful coalescing force football is need only look at the splendid way that the construction workers are queuing up in their droves to sacrifice their lives on the alter of the beautiful game. What is it now? 60+ lives per football match and counting? And somehow that is not what is outrageous, but whether or not Sepp Blatter knows about what's going on behind his back.

  • top stuff Ed

  • Would anyone chip in if a fund was started for a large Boycott Qatar 2022 banner at Adams Park next season?

    More than 62 people have died for every game that will be played. Disgraceful.

  • In my honest opinion time for UEFA to make a firm stand.
    Announce their withdrawal from all FIFA run competitions.
    Announce an additional European championship in 2018 with 16 teams qualifying from Europe plus invite any team qualifying for FIFA world cup from rest of world to play in UEFA competition instead.
    Put pressure on FIFA sponsors who also sponsor Champions League to choose between the two.

    An organisation that re-elects its chief in the face of patent deep-rooted corruption, either tolerated by the chief or demonstrating his utter incompetence, is simply not a club any right thinking nation would want to be part of. Time to take a stand.

  • They should launch an alternative International Federation with a New World Cup in 2018. If the European countries moved, other countries like USA and Australia would follow suit. Persuade China and it would be game set and match with sponsors showing little interest in the FIFA World Cup. Huge losses for Russia, set up a new transparent IFA, ditch Qatar - good solution all round.

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