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Player season ratings.

Ingram - 8
Lynch - 7
Horlock - N/A
Richardson - N/A

Jombati- 7
Pierre - 8
Mawson - 9
Fletcher - N/A
Rowe - 6
Doherty - N/A
Jacobson - 9

Murphy - 7
Yennaris - 8
Bean - 7
Scowen - 8
Bloomfield - 6
Lewis - 5
Kretzschmar - 5
Senior - N/A
Saunders - 8
Cowan-Hall - 8
Wood - 8
Onyedinma - 7
Ephraim - 6
Evans - N/A

Hayes - 8
Craig - 6
Holloway - 7
McClure - 5

Ainsworth - 9


  • Genrrally these ratings are spot on. Only changes I would make are Murphy 6, Scowen 9 and Craig 7.

  • Jombati would be a 9 for me, absolute class until his injury and can't wait to have him back.

  • Although Murphy has little impact in 2015, his contribution to our early season form was massive.

    Likewise, Sam Wood's was one of top goals and assists getters. I'd give him a nine.

  • Murphy before christmas was a 9.. Murphy after christmas was a 6.

    I think 7/8 is a fair reflective, think 6 is very harsh.

  • Have to bump Hayes up to the 9. Simply superb and we'd have been nowhere near Wembley without him.

  • Agree with Hayes getting a 9/10 just for his leadership on the pitch geeing up the younger players just a superb captain.

  • Hayes lead goals and assists this season definitely deserves 9/10

  • Goals aside...Hayes for sheer presence on the pitch and his obvious influence in the dressing room deserves a 9.

  • He'll make a good manager one day with his attitude.

  • Doesn't necessarily apply. I seem to remember that Tony Adams was a good on the field motivator. Admittedly unlike Hayes he was also a twat but just saying...

  • Craig 6 ?????? 7 minimum

  • As good as Craig was at the end of the season, some of his earlier games were pretty anonymous at best.

  • How can you seriously only give Bloomfield a 6, the same as Rowe and Ephraim and less than Bean?!?!? I would argue he deserved at least 7, 8 for the second half of the season

  • Bean was more effective than Bloomfield.

  • He certainly was in the Wembley match. It's true that the Southend equaliser came from the left but Marcus Bean had given his all by that stage and I thought that overall he performed heroically.

  • @josewwfc : have you been with us all season and only joined the forum this afternoon? Better late than never! Welcome aboard.

  • @micra just joined up, was on the old gasroom on and off so thought it was worth trying the reincarnation!

    As for bean and bloomfield I would agree bean was heroic at Wembley and excellent in the playoffs, but if were basing a season as a whole (which is what these ratings are) then bean cant be given as high as 7

  • Jose -You can't reduce Bean's mark just because he was only with us for the last few weeks of the season. Lynch has been given a 7 for playing 3 games and Saunders and Yennaris 8's and they were here roughly the same length of time as Bean.

  • im not reducing it because it was only a few weeks, I phrased it poorly. Im basing it on beans whole season with us, where I feel he has been generally poor in central midfield and a liability (and ive seen plenty of others critizise him), his last 4 games or so when he played right back redeems him. Bean the right back probably deserves 8, bean the central midfielder id say 4

  • Bean is an odd one, gets a lot of stick on here and from people around me at Adams Park but... eveybody that I have been to AP with this season that has played the game above pub level has been full of praise for the lad.

  • @Bluebottle, Bean has been pretty good (both Midfielder and Right Back position), but what I like to see more, is quality possession and passes to the players upfront, it's all well and good breaking up play, but as, soon as the ball is won, needs to get to up top (if a midfielder) and by that, I mean to feet or through balls and not just anywhere other than the original opposition destination, if that makes sense.

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