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What news from The Trust board meeting last night?

NiceCarrots November 2022 Flag

Kieran Maguire stated WWFC had £ 3,630, 363 Cash at Bank and in hand as of July 2021.

By September 2022, the Trust had to lend money to the Couhigs to meet monthly payments, according to Trust website.

Did anyone who posts here go/watch last night?

Has the money been paid back yet given it's now March?

Has the deal gone through to take the Couhigs up to 90%?

Given urgency last year to give an indicative vote on that memorable evening on Zoom, what's happening?

If the Trust is to remain relevant it must communicate, only takes one out of twelve to do so.



  • I wasn’t able to attend.

  • If a trust meeting happens with nobody in attendance, did it really exist?

  • We'll just have to trust that it did

  • Minutes of last night's meeting will be published on the Trust website very soon, as they are every month.

  • Couldn’t you attend yourself if I had the specific concerns you have I would make bloody sure I was there.

    oh and I have some of my own questions.

    Why are you constantly questioning the running of the trust?

    Why don’t you talk about the football ?

    Why don’t you want to debate your position on here instead of posting an occasional diatribe and disappearing?

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    I dialled in. The Trust is doing its job as best it can. Committed volunteers but really in the dark about the club’s finances. Didn’t know how much Anis was sold for or how much compensation was paid by QPR for Gareth.

    As a Trust member I’m not happy that the Trust members (25% shareholders) are kept completely in the dark about club finances. We have two Trust Directors on the football club board, surely they know something and can give us some comfort about financial matters.

  • “What news?” sayeth Carrots (a rabble rouser known for his acerbic tongue and dislike of councils)

    ”Pray tell Carrots, why must one such as you ask of news? Had thou not the wit to hasten to the chamber and attend to the deliberations as all good and noble trustees are enjoined to do?” sayeth Morris (a goodly fellow, much admired for his sagacity)

    Carrots makes no reply and exits, stage left, pursued by Cecil (Privy Councillor and steadfast champion of the Trust)

  • Our lack of knowledge is nicely summed up by the fact that we don’t know whether the trust currently owns 25% or 10% of the club. I wonder if football club board meetings are now ‘information only,’ meetings. If that.

  • The Trust currently owns 25% as the new agreement is still with the lawyers. I do wonder how often the Football club Board meetings are being held?

  • Morning all, thanks for the feedback.

    Perfectly reasonable questions that many people are concerned about and The Gasroom is the right forum to discuss them.

    However today is match day.

    Can't think of a more 100% committed Wycombe man to leads us than Matt Bloomfield and wish him the very best.

  • I thought @MorrisItal2’s questions were perfectly reasonable and worthy of a reply.

    Hope I got the right one of the several Morris Itals.

  • I did raise my question about better financial information for Trust members at the recent Trust AGM and received a straightforward reply.

    If you have questions or issues then you can attend the meetings and raise them with the Trust. They take matters of governance extremely seriously and are very helpful. We are all on the same side in wanting sustainable success for the club.

    Now back to matters on the pitch and three points against mid-table opposition today please.

  • You did @micra basically it’s just the same Morris Ital who through poor memory and poor computer skills keeps losing his passwords and having to register again.

  • Worth mentioning that supporter engagement in the Trust has probably never been so important.

  • For the benefit of @NiceCarrots and other Trust Members , here are the draft minutes from last week's Board meeting

  • So we sell Anis for xxx,xxx we get compensation for our management team of xxx,xxx and the club still owe The Trust £100k? Am I missing something here?

  • It answers a couple of the questions, which is pretty good going seeing as they were only asked after the meeting and never to the people in charge of it.

    Think it was a "we'll pay you back when the deal is done" which is potentially not great for negotiating if true

  • What your missing is the fact that the Trust are now largely irrelevant.

  • Seems a bit strong arm to me.

    Maybe I am doing them an injustice but the Couhigs seem to have changed their attitude somewhat over the past season.

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    You are also missing that the cash flow accounts provided was for the year to 31 January. Anis was sold late on the 31st and Gareth left on 21 February.

  • Fair enough, but the £100k goes back a while now so we are saying our owners have not had the cash to repay it yet. I think the trust has a bit of a duty to it's members to disclose when this is going to be repaid and if there are any conditions on the timing of the repayment. Otherwise it just looks like a wealthy party taking the p1ss.

  • Alarm bells ready to ring maybe?

  • Well for all of last season, Rob kept mentioning Championship this, Championship that in all of his interviews.

    However, after the playoff final, there has been very little mentioned of the Championship in his interviews. I think the penny has finally dropped that we are a little club who had over-achieved in our promotion due to the fans & excellent manager that we had in place.

    I wonder (if Rob et al stick around) how long he'll give Matt next season if we have a difficult 1st half of the season?

  • Due to the fans?

  • Wasn't that the season we almost made the Championship? @Otter87

  • It just seems like an unnecessary red flag. If it was agreed with the owners that repayment would be made on x date at the outset then that's all good. It should be minuted. We are trust members so therefore are entitled to know of course. I am sure someone at the trust was diligent enough to do their homework before writing the cheque. But if we the owners of 75% (and soon to be 90%) of our club can't afford £100k its a bit worrying. Especially as at the time it was just a quick short term loan.

  • TH said that Matt Bloomfield said that Tafazolli back on the grass, according to the draft minutes.

    Unless he's so stoned he can't find his car keys.

    Super Simon Garner used to have a well-earned fag in the players tunnel whenever he'd been subbed.

    No, I am afraid the writing is on the wall. Writ large, I'm afraid.

    What are we doing taking in donations from members to lend £100,000 to multi-millionaires in Sept. 2022 and yet to be paid back?

    What a dumb move ahead of negotiations.

    The Trust are not largely irrelevant unless, of course, you think the ownership of the ground is 100% secure. (Clue, it isn't.)

    I keep thinking of Tim Vine's song, Alarm Bells.

    Keep voting for the same people you get the same results

  • It was but there was never a plan B or consideration for us not to go straight back up

  • Our loyal fans where most were willing to give up their season ticket fee during COVID season to help the club.

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