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GA picked up LMA league 2 manager of the year, massively deserved Martin O'Neil presented the award... Fitting! Huge congratulations GA a WWFC legend in the making


  • Excellent, and so very deserved. Well done Gareth!

  • Absolutely fantastic news. All the other winners were champions of their division, so great to see he has got the recognition he so richly deserves.

  • Great news & well deserved. Will hopefully attract players when they see what we are doing and the respect GA is getting.

  • This is sensational news and thoroughly deserved, we are all proud of what he has done with our tiny club

  • That is a fantastic award to receive - well done GA and the team that helped him win it. Surely that's another feather in his cap that potential new players will look at.

  • What a turnaround from this time last year.

  • Just shows they understand that the teams who did get promoted including burton all had money which is why they rated Gareth so highly . Do think Martin oneil presenting award was appropriate both stand out as the best we have had as managers.

  • Brilliant news. So pleased for Gaz, he really deserves it.

  • Fantastic achievement, very pleased this has been recognised. Unfortunately I can't imagine it will be long before another club approaches him.

  • Fully deserveed Gaz, i was one of those who wanted him gone last season but i am now fully behind the man. To use only 24 players all season and acheive so much is a great turnaround. Really cant wait for the new season to start. To receive the award from MON was also class.

  • He seems so up for the Five Year Plan I think it would take a lot to move him away. Eddie Howe took Bournemouth from where we were last season to the Premier in not much longer, I'm not greedy, stable mid-table Championship will do fine!

  • @OX66 Burton did not and do not have money. Their budget was not too dissimilar to Wycombe's. Hasselbaink started on a £40k a year salary there.

  • rubbish, beavon is on more than double our highest earner.

  • @Midlander said:
    OX66 Burton did not and do not have money. Their budget was not too dissimilar to Wycombe's. Hasselbaink started on a £40k a year salary there.

    Do you believe that, they had a large squad including some well paid players and numerous players on loan from higher leagues how can they afford that on the same budget as Wycombe

  • Yes I know Burton Albion well.

  • Fantastic news. I do hope that Dobbo gets the recognition he deserves as well though, particularly for his work with the younger players.

  • Well deserved and its good to see that fellow managers can see what a tremendous job Gareth and all the management team have done with limited resources.Signing him on a 5 year contract was one of the best decisions the club has made.

  • Feels like the club is being very well run at the moment, the 5 year signing was the Chairmans initiative, Howard deserves the same volume of praise that fans always seem to dish out in the opposite direction when things aren't going well

  • If anyone deserves it in League Two it is GA. Building a devastated demotivated team up from relegation candidates to Wembley finalists in one season...securing and integrating the new players and loans he brought in, despite losing two of our outstanding players mid-season...amazeballs.

  • I'd like to see the rest of MONs presentation to GA, after seeing the “This time last year his club was on its knees. To turn it around is fantastic. Gareth is a talented boy. A good-looking fella. I'm jealous!” quote.

  • That is such good news, So happy for GA and his team and management, It was a good
    touch having Martin to do the presentation ... good luck for next season

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