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Wycombe's History

For those of you that have only seen Wycombe playing at Adams Park, I've recently found a youtube video based on Loakes Park. I can't remember ever seeing a game at Loakes Park so I found this video really interesting.

The link is below


  • Here's a full video of the Loakes Park years

  • Have only just dipped into the Loakes Park video. Appetite whetted for the full hour at some stage. Wish I could lip-read the chubby cheeked guy in close-up about two minutes in.

  • there's some good highlights of the infamous Middles-borough game on about 39mins, it doesn't look like there's anyone from boro there apart from the team and WW play some really nice football and deserve to have won that by a hat-full, nice post match interview with players and fags in hand

  • they use it's the final countdown right at the end obviously, one that GA might approve of to run out to with his flowing locks although I think Blackburn do or did so he might like it from his time there anyway

  • I am looking forward to seeing the full video but here is the Pathe News Video of the match against the Ugandan Touring side in 1956. I was there and the result might have been closer if the visitors had worn boots. the grass was slippery and they suffered:-

    As for the Middlesbrough match, I sat on the shelf on the front of the stand and the visiting supporters were not far away. I remember one shouting "give us a kick" as the Wanderers rang rings around them early on. Middlesbrough were lucky not to lose as they admitted afterwards.

  • I really like to hear your memories from the early days @wingnut.

    This is a five minute film of the Uganda match, but without sound.

    It always makes me wince to see barefoot players against those heavy boots, very brave.

    Nafutali Musoke, the Ugandan captain and goalkeeper, apparently said later: "The reason we lost that match was that we were given football boots for the first time. We didn’t know how to use them. But we removed the shoes after that and played much better.”

  • the Middlesbro cup run was my first seasons following the club. Cheltenham> Bournemouth> ‘Borough. Didn’t think it could get any bigger or better. How wrong I was. It’s been quite a journey.

  • I was lucky enough to meet Jack Charlton over two decades after that match. First thing he did when I mentioned I was a Wycombe fan was mention the slope at Loakes Park.

    They say never meet your heroes but he could not have been nicer, he was a true gentleman. We chatted for ages about that cup tie and I was not even born when it was played.

  • it was good to see the silent film of the Uganda match. I seem to recall that after playing here they went on to play a number of others and did rather better. The most amazing thing was the size of the crowd for a match of that sort and how appreciative they were of the visitors' play despite being beaten so heavily.

  • You can read a digitised copy of the programme for the Wycombe v Uganda F.A. XI match here:

  • I remember Jack Charlton being on one of the World Cup match panels. His comment after Frank Rijkaard spat in Rudi Vollers ear. It still makes me smirk to this day, JC said exactly what I was thinking, "if that was me, I'd have chinned him". Top bloke.

  • I have now seen the full video of the Loakes Park years and what memories it brings back. Of course, it doesn't cover away matches so the losing semi-finals at Brentford and Doncaster aren't covered but they were not so happy because of the. results. The winning semi-final at Highbury was mentioned and that was a great win.

    The highlights of the Middlesbrough game showed the good spirit in which the game was played.

  • My Mum shared with me that my Dad only came to visit me when I was born at Wycombe on a Tueaday evening & Sat afternoon so that he could 'have a cuddle' but watch the games as well! I'm gutted that I never / can't remember watching a game at Loakes Park

  • Genius - were you in just for the 4/5 days or was it a longer stretch?

  • I was in for a longer stretch but no long term effects as a result

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