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On a lighter note on a pretty cack day …

Didn’t Westy have terrific balance for a player with no arms.


  • I love how 90s shirts were 50% sleeve

  • Superb!

    I always thought Westy looked 'harder' with a tasche. But he was always 'armless.

    That Vandanel was my first repica shirt. mum ironed (ironed!) a hole in it so got me the mizuno Cup run one instead. Which girls at uni recognised and thought was cool. So here's to Mark, irons, and Roy Essandoh

  • Don’t you mean “So here's to Mark, irons, and Roy Essandoh”…… and the 5 people in the main stand who photobombed our armless number 9’s season photo?

  • Here's to the fantastic 5

  • and the terrible 2 in 'the paddock'

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