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Swindon fan claims they have made bid for Pierre

Terrible news if true...


  • I'll believe it when I see it.

  • Will have to pay q big fee, we are in driving seat as contracted until 2017

  • If we can get £200,000 for Scowen, I would expect a similar amount for Pierre.

    Although, I would rather keep him for the season and potentially sell him next summer.

  • No.way I would imagine we would get more than 200k we need him especially as Mawson has now gone

  • I think Pierre has the potential to go a long way so hopefully a high sell on percentage will be agreed.

  • I understand we need him, but I think Ainsworth is a manager who would never price a player out of reaching the top.

  • Swindon ISNT THE TOP. I don't think he would even want to go. I know he loves it here.

  • Not a great progressive step really. I think if he has another good season next year with us he'll get looked at by a Championship side....after he wins a promotion with us right?

  • A search on the STFC forum turns up nothing relating to this.

    That said, if they're flashing the cash, we're never going to turn it down.

  • No way on earth we should let him go for less than £500,000.

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