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Man of the Match - Oxford (H)


  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Oxford (H)94 votes
    1. Did not see/abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. Grimmer
    4. McCarthy
    5. Tafazolli
    6. Obita
    7. Scowen
    8. Wheeler
    9. Wing
    10. Mehmeti
    11. Vokes
    12. Hanlan
    13. Thompson (sub)
    14. McCleary (sub)


  • Thought Grimmer, Taf, Scowen & Mehmeti all performed really well & it is a tough choice between them.

    Grimmer & Taf were solid at the back with Taf marshalling everyone, Scowen bullied their midfield for most of the game & Mehmeti was at his magical best.

  • Totally agree - those four were head of the class, though everyone played well. I had to go with Mehmeti by a hair over Scowen, in the end.

  • I went the other way, but it was a really tough choice

  • Went for Mehmeti but what a team performance.

  • Mehmeti magic gets motm. However, Scowen excellent out of possession as usual. Taf outstanding. Grimmer very good. Wheeler’s fluidity confused opposition defenders and allowed Anis extra time on the ball. So impressed with all involved.

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    Mehmeti but Grimmer was also fantastic.

  • Wonderful team performance but Anis was amazing.

  • Scowen is so important to us. Absolutely fantastic but Mehmessi Magic makes him my MOM

  • Scowen, head and shoulders

  • Agreed, we are fortunate to have such a talented and consistent player in our squad.

  • Vokes for me. Back to his very best

  • I'm going with Grimmer. Faultless again.

  • Grimmer, Mehmeti, Vokes, and Scowen especially, were brilliant. All of them - application and flair. I don't think anyone underperformed and I thought it was a really cohesive team effort. I don't usually say who I vote for (and it is not often Freeman), I want to say I think Jason McCarthy deserves it tonight - not only for his individual performance, but also he was captain, and led a really excellent team effort.

  • Tough call between Mehmeti & Scowen but the former just edges it as the match winner.

    Vokes, Taf & Grimmer also played well. Obita’s best game in a while too.

  • The three leading candidates all deserve it but I had to choose one - Grimmer.

  • I see Mrs Vokes has voted.

  • Vokes was absolutely outstanding last night. If you can't see that I don't know what to say.

    I thought he was comfortablely the Man of the Match

  • Ps 3 votes by my reckoning, maybe she's got 3 logins

  • Vokes was great, as were the rest of the team. Best performance of the season so far and if we keep that up we’ll be at Wembley again.

  • Difficult to pick a MOTM as they all played really well. It felt very comfortable and controlled throughout.

  • Excellent team performance as all have said, I personally gave the award to Mehmeti - I try and avoid just giving the award to the player who did the glamorous bit, but I feel he made the difference last night, as was tacitly acknowledged by Robinson’s halftime hooking of Anderson.

    Honorary MotM also to Karl Robinson, for setting out his plucky warriors in such a way as to allow Mehmeti the freedom of the pitch early doors, and having no answer to get his side back in the game.

    Lovers of the old classic moan about “no Plan B” were well served last night through Robinson’s tactical non-masterclass.

  • It's almost like only playing once every couple of weeks benefits him.

    As we have to fit in the missed games at some point it's a mixed blessing though.

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    I don't think his fitness is an issue, certainly didn't look like it the way he relentlessly pressed their defence throughout the game.

    It was as usual his heading that caught the eye though. I have never seen a Wycombe striker better at winning headers and more accurate with his flick ons than Vokes. He manages to guide headers into the path of the likes of Mehmeti without them having to break stride. It's remarkable.

    His passing was superb as well last night. Couple of times he brought the ball down and pinged an accurate crossfield ball to a teammate.

    And to top it all he scored a goal and set one up. It was a magnificent display

  • Vokes was excellent last night, probably his best game of the season so far. My post was in jest but just as I was about to explain that I realised I was late for the school run. I don't think he was in the top 4 for man of the match though, I'd have Grimmer, Anis, Taf and Wheels ahead of him, but that's more on the brilliant performances of those four than it is on Vokes.

  • I agree that it is tremendous that fans can offer perfectly valid reasons for picking at least half the team.

    Shows what a dominant performance it was.

  • I missed the game, but from the highlights it looked like Vokes was playing the game at his own speed again - which is exactly what makes him so unstoppable and has largely been missing this season for one reason or another.

  • Yeah, it was largely vintage Vokes - superb off the ball. I think that was partly as a result of how well everyone was playing around him, we were anything but predictable last night, attacking with variety, and that really seems to suit him.

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