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League One Wages

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I can't comment to the credibility of this website, as with other site like this regarding wages take it with a pinch of salt. nevertheless makes for an interesting read. Plus clearly an error for Sam Vokes on identical money to Adam Leathers. It also has Alfie as our highest paid & the 18th highest paid in the League on £8,500 a week. Listing our wage bill this season at just under £4.2 Million

League one:



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    Blimey I'd hope Mellor isn't on 3.4k a week ! Also wakely on as much as McCleary.. Pinch of salt needed here I reckon

  • If I had a website I don’t think I’d have the front to state baseless figures as fact.

  • It’s not credible at all.

  • Total conjecture based on an apparent wage bill of £4,186,520, without taking into any account that a football club has more people on its' wage bill than just the playing squad.

  • How on earth could they know this information?

    It is clearly guesswork.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they just take the data from football manager.

  • I think football manager is more reliable in all fairness

  • We had this discussion before - it's just random numbers.

    If anyone is interested I could generate a spreadsheet with some salary figures for WWFC; just so you could spit out your tea/coffee at the preposterous nonsense.

  • If we don't even know where Jack Young is, I'm not sure how anyone knows what he or others may be earning

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