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Attendance Prediction Bristol Rovers (a) - Sat 21st Jan - Match 27

I have just bought a ticket for this game. I forecast 701 away fans in a total of 8888.


  • 8459 with 677 please

  • 8901 with 1098 with hairy heads

    (well done to all at Bristol by the way)

  • 8558 with 858 seeing a return to winning ways

  • 8,765 with 901 people not married to their sibling.

  • 8336, including 650 enjoying the trip home.

  • 8,686 including 686 Wanderers

  • 8235 with 672, thanks!

  • 8874 with 713

  • edited January 20

    8888 with 777 us

  • 8567 with 734 Chair peeps

  • 8,720 with 745 Chairboys.

  • 8645 with 725 blues

  • 8,888 with 888 of us

  • Mangan the Rovers assistant claiming that they will get Gaz to have the skinhead cut their squad have all had this week. Passive aggressive tone is Bartonesque.

    Oh 8,889 with 701 protecting police horses from getting punched

  • This is not the weather to have several years growth of hair removed. That’s ignoring the irrelevance of the suggestion, if true.

    What cannot be ignored is the misleading headline on the back page of today’s BFP referring to Ainsworth’s “awe for Nick Anderton”.

    My initial reaction was to wonder if it related to a new signing (as I’d not heard of or seen Nick before). Reading the article, it was clear that Ainsworth’s awe, very understandably, was for what the Bristol Rovers players have done both in going skinhead and in quickly raising such a large amount of money in support of an obviously much loved teammate.

  • 8,787 with 696 away please

  • Game postponed

  • I'll put up a new thread for the rearranged game when we know when it is.

  • The challenge for the football club will be whether to put the undersoil heating on over the weekend in preparation for Tuesday evening’s match. Ironically, the temperature currently is as high as it’s been since last Tuesday (at 4 degrees C) but it’s expected to drop below freezing tonight and for the following three nights.

    Difficult decision but, if Oxford are expected to sell out their allocation, probably justified.

  • I’d be surprised if the undersoil heating isn’t put on at some point this weekend unless the club are worried about, for example, food and drink sales being significantly reduced and food perishing because substantial numbers of fans don’t relish watching football in sub-arctic temperatures.

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