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Man of the Match - Sheffield Wednesday (H)


  1. Who is your Man of the Match for Sheffield Wednesday (H)?81 votes
    1. Did not see/abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. Grimmer
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Jacobson
    6. Obita
    7. Scowen
    8. Wheeler
    9. Wing
    10. Mehmeti
    11. McCleary
    12. Hanlan
    13. Vokes (sub)
    14. Freeman (sub)
    15. McCarthy (sub)
    16. Kaikai (sub)


  • Scowen for me, usual tireless break-up play in a game where we desperately needed it. Grimmer running a close second, some quality defending in places and trying to get the attack going where appropriate.

  • Either of those two. Can’t decide.

  • Thought Grimmer had another solid game at CB, Wheeler played well at RWB, Max was Max other than the goal, Obita looked decent at LWB & his corners are getting better & better; but Josh Scowen was head & shoulders our stand out player today.

    Sadly everyone else was much of a muchness & seemed bereft of ideas especially once Wednesday decided to sit back & hit us on the break.

  • I am not blaming him as it was great strike, but from that distance I would expect him to save it probably 50%+ of the time, but it was impossible to tell from the camera angle on WWTV if the ball moved around in the air or dipped late.

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    Scowen was the best player on the whole pitch by a country mile. One loose ball and somehow still managed to win a throw in on the opposite side of the pitch 😂

  • Scowen for me - he mopped up everywhere.

  • Think it's fairly clearly Scowen, it usually is. Gave it to Kaikai as he doesn't get much else.

  • Scowan was superb today.

  • This. Went Kaikai as he did more good in 5 mins than Mehmeti and GMac did all game. (Thought Grimmer was good too)

  • Scowen by a million miles.

    Who on earth is voting for JJ?

  • Not even Gordon Banks at his very best would have saved that!!

  • More often than not in those types of game Scowen really shines through. He was excellent today, mopping up lots of loose play and regularly being forced to act as an extra defender, with Obita playing so advance.

    I’ve not seen a replay of the goal yet but I do wonder if Max should have done better with it. That aside, he kept us in it and is well worth a mention too.

  • Scowen by an absolute mile, anyone voting for anyone else is just being stupid. The people voting for Freeman and any subs every week should be banned from taking part

  • I can reveal that it is actually Ainsworth who comes on and votes for the subs under different user names.

    He just waits until ten minutes before voting closes to do so.

  • Harsh but true. I admire your attempt to wind everyone up.

    Scowen was comfortably man of the match. Wing had a good game too. I am optimistic about the remainder of the season after today.

  • Freeman is an interesting one. If his impressive cameo appearance could have been replicated over a whole game (or at least for substantially longer than those 15 minutes) he would have been a serious ccontender. KaiKai not far behind.

    But Scowen it is.

  • The strangest of MOTM awards. Scowen was our best player by a mile against a side which should win the league but not sure even he did that well in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes you have to accept the other team were just a bit decent.

  • I also gave my vote to Scowen. It just seemed all his good work was as a defender!

  • Scowen. One of the easiest choices of the season for me.

  • The fact people have resorted to voting elsewhere to make it interesting and he'll still win by a landslide should say something.

    As for it being the type of game he does well in. If you mean when he's left to do all the work you might be right.

  • Oops, just read Mawson is in the lead, although when he'll get any more votes we don't know. Apologies, will stop the silly votes now @HolmerBlue

  • Lol, I don't know why I let it get to me, it really shouldn't matter in the grand scheme of things

  • Easy son 😂

    The Freeman thing needs to calm down though, I know it's a sort of in joke on here.

  • It’s no joke @Malone. I think a fair number of Gasroomers would like to see a player of his class getting a bit more game time. I started the “Mornington Crescent” gimmick a couple of seasons ago but it had more or less petered out until people became aware that he had slipped out of favour slightly over the past couple of months.

  • In all his time with us the issue with Freeman has remained pretty much the same. He does well coming off the bench and then gets a small run in the team as a starter, in which he is pretty ineffective and goes back to sitting the bench. And repeat.

  • Freeman never seems to have enough confidence placed in him to start in his ideal position, though. In his starting run this year he had to do a lot of defensive grunt work, which is hardly his forte.

  • Freeman certainly has certainly different and it's to his credit he's changed from primarily a wide option when we signed him, to now being able to turn out in centre mid.

    There's a lot of competition though.

    But the point was people voting him man of the match when he's clearly not been.

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    I think Freeman has become a very useful impact player. I like to see him off the bench, bags of confidence and keen to take players on.

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