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Man of the Match - Peterborough (A)

Great performance!

  1. Who is your MOTM for Peterborough (A)?95 votes
    1. Did not see/abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. Grimmer
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Jacobson
    6. Obita
    7. Scowen
    8. Wing
    9. Wheeler
    10. Mehmeti
    11. McCleary
    12. Vokes
    13. Freeman (sub)
    14. Forino (sub)
    15. Hanlan (sub)


  • Despite Wing's brace, I still had to go Taffs - nullified their threat time and time again and picked up a goal himself.

  • Front runners must be Tafazolli, Scowen, Wheeler and Wing. But they were all heroes.

  • Clean sheet. Goal. Man mark the league’s top scorer out of the game.

    Ryan Tafazolli’s best performance for Wycombe and he’s had a hell of a lot of good ones.

  • Yep, you’ve both persuaded me. Taf it is.

  • I’m going to take half an hour here. Taf, Wheels and Wing - can’t call it.

  • Taf, although Wing is a good shout too

  • 3-2 to Taf after 6.

    Culinary duties now.

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    Going Wing, As well as the goals he put his foot in a few times for tackles and interceptions and made some clever passes. Complete performance really and great hits. We aren't always or maybe often going to dominate games and people will have their preference of central 2 or 3 at different times but he has all the tools and great quality.

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    Totally agree. That pass to Mehmeti who was central instead of McCleary or Grimmer (?) who were wide right (and more obvious targets) was brilliant. He has really cemented his place in midfield now.

  • Can't decide, Wing, Taf, Josh, Max, all superb.

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    Thought overall everyone stepped up today.

    Scowen did what he does incredibly well, Grimmer & Jacobsen were really good at CB, Max just doesnt seem to be phased by anything, Wheeler was a bit of a revelation at RWB, Obita looked solid, Mcleary, Mehemti & Vokes worked well though none of them were quite at their best.

    The stand out players from the starting 11 were Wing & Tafazolli, whilst I think Wing just edged it, Taf was a different player from the guy who looked so out of sorts against Plymouth.

  • Wing for an all round professional performance

  • I would just add that Max has to be up there as one of those inspired almost season defining signings

  • Agree, he's been fantastic. He just looks so solid and if he's never flustered at all

  • In the Josh Scowen MoM award I gave it to Lewis Wing. His finest performance in a Wycombe shirt goals or no goals.

  • Definitely the best shot stopper I’ve seen in goal for us. His kicking is slowly improving too.

  • Wing for me today.

  • Went for Wing, 2 great goals and also put a shift in.

    Max was superb again, praised Jacobson on the match thread, done very well.

  • Wing, closely followed by Taf. Both were excellent all game.

    Wheeler also had a great ninety minutes, whilst the whole team were another level in the second half.

  • Lewis Wing

    But if Taffazolli or Max win it I wouldn't complain

  • Nick Freeman’s voted.

  • Most encouraging that so many players are in great form right now.

  • A fair shout for Max. No glamour saves but just commands at the back with catches and punches. And like all good ‘keepers has a mad aura about him that almost works like a force field. In a one on one strikers will know he’s coming, he taking the ball, the man, the man’s immediate family, everything and that’s worth a lot.

    love the guy (whispers ‘if he could kick a bit better’)

  • Taf for me. Such confidence in defence. Absolutely bullied Clarke-Harris

  • In a game where Wing scores 2, Wheeler is mister dependable, Scowen was the enforcer, I voted Taff for his superb performance in neutralising their striker.

    Shout out to the ref too who allowed Taff and the striker to tussle without blowing for a free kick every time.

  • He has the handling and positioning of Martin Taylor, the bravery of Paul Hyde. Max is so decisive of when to come or stay at home for crosses, and is the best puncher of a ball, i've ever seen in a Wanderers Jersey. Max's sometimes erratic kicking is his only weakness. His physique is a throwback to our Isthmian league days when we would often come up against chunky keepers, Frank Parsons, Richard Teal, John Jacobs and our own Chris Way to name a few, none anywhere near Max's quality though.

  • Well said, @ChasHarps . But also he never seems to spill the ball. Even when we've had more than decent keepers these last few years, the number of goals we've conceded from follow-ups to shots they couldn't hold has been notable. With Max, the shots just seem to stick, or if he has to parry, then he seems to routinely be able to put the ball out of the danger zone.

  • Frank Parsons…I knew him as a shopkeeper in Eton High Street in 1975. He ran the shop with his wife Mary. I wonder what became of him. I think the criticism aimed at Max about the occasional poor kick is way over the top. His attributes more than make up for the odd dodgy kick. The top three keepers I’ve seen at Wycombe are 1. Taylor 2. Hydey and now Max.

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