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Man of the Match - Plymouth (A)


  1. Who is your MOTM for Plymouth (A)?62 votes
    1. Did not see/abstain
    2. Stryjek
    3. McCarthy
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Forino
    6. Horgan
    7. Thompson
    8. Freeman
    9. Jacobson
    10. Hanlan
    11. Al-Hamadi
    12. Kaikai
    13. Mehmeti (sub)
    14. Grimmer (sub)
    15. Wheeler (sub)
    16. Vokes (sub)
    17. De Barr (sub)


  • Curtis Thompson

  • Magnificent performance from Thompson

  • Easy. Curtis Thompson. Looks good as new. God I’ve missed him.

  • Thommo making a mockery of everyone who trots out that ridiculous line about him taking a long time to get up to speed after injury, again.

    I was impressed with TJ’s cameo too, Taf though looks to be angling for a January move to a conference side.

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    Thompson was superb - the prospect of him & Scowen in the centre of the park is mouth watering.

    I did feel Kaikai & Horgan showed in flashes why we brought them in, Max was dependable super Max again, AAH & Hanlan worked hard with little end product, JJ was solid as was McCarthy, but Forino & Taf had nights to forget. The subs made all the difference but were probably 10 minutes too late...(same old GA story)

  • Thommo for me. Max is a great goalkeeper but we need to give him more options to pass short. He is not consistent enough with his feet. Freeman came short a few times late on from midfield - we need more of that so that if we are playing longer balls to Vokes / Wheeler etc they are coming from more cultured right and left boots.

  • Thompson was superb. Freeman too. Need to see the goal again but thought Max could have come and caught it

  • Yup, Thompson easily.

    Flashes of quality from some of the non-regular starters, esp. Horgan and Kaikai, but not really forcing GA to consider them for more regular starting berths.

    AAH did do one quality run, but generally offered little, I felt.

    That said I guess it makes it harder that it was such an ‘experimental’ starting XI, obviously all these guys play together in training but I’d imagine it makes it easier to anticipate one another’s game if you’re used to playing real matches together. The Horgan/Kaikai collision looked pretty inept though.

  • It is tough to gauge when there are so many changes. KaiKai looked good on the ball but it’s hard for him to show his best attacking play when we see relatively little of the ball, there is no target man for him to cross at etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play with Mehmeti and Vokes in attack to see what he can do with our strongest players alongside him.

  • Thommo. Easy.

    Fantastic to have him back. Taf & Forino didn’t have their best nights so having him mop up so much in the midfield kept things respectable.

  • Thompson for me. Class player.

    A very jumbled team tonight... various reasons im sure.

    No one was terrible, I think we played well tbh but Thompson was definitely the stand out tonight

  • None of them…sorry

  • TJ worries me. He has clearly been influenced by GA in the way he pile drives forward at speed at every opportunity and I’m reminded of an attacking player about ten years ago who was christened the crash car dummy (?) but I can’t recall his name. Staying injury free must be difficult with that approach.

    The latest news about TJ seems reassuring. Thank goodness.

  • Thommo of course.

  • Byron Walton played like that, but that was 35 years ago, but he was built like a short brick shithouse. The opponents were often left flattened.

  • People used to call Andy Baird crash test dummy but that was more to do with how he got clattered every week

  • That’s the guy.. Very similar in the way he tended to try to run through defenders rather than go round them ! Often injured, I seem to recall.

  • I remember him well @ChasHarps. Did he have a brother who played in goal (but not for Wycombe)?

  • Yes Stuart, played a few years for Slough amongst others. Had a spell in our Capital league team in the mid to late 80's.

    Both Wycombe born and bred.

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    With Thommo back and getting over 60% of the votes, it feels like it’s time to revive the ‘can you believe Notts County let him go’ conversation. And to think they initially loaned him to us when we were divisional rivals both going for promotion.

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    To nick the Warnock / Djed Spence song…

    County thought Curtis was shite,

    Da daa, da da da da

    Now he’s fucking dynamite,

    Da daa, da da da da

  • It was always easier to have Stuart in your side rather than the opposition. Imagine Byron playing in goal and you've got Stuart. Hard as nails. He came to my wedding in the evening so I may be a shade bias in saying he's as nice as pie off the pitch!

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