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Rob Couhig interview on WTV

An interesting interview with Rob on WanderersTV. Big take-out for me is that they are receiving offers for the club and have admitted that they are now more likely to listen to these offers as some of the fun for them has gone with Pete no longer able to be within the UK.

I appreciate the transparency, but for me it does call into question some of the expensive investments the Couhigs plan to make over the next 12 months. It feels a little reckless to make those investments on behalf of the club if they genuinely can’t see a long term future for themselves as WWFC owners. Rob said during the interview that his end goal is that people look back at the Couhig ownership and say it was the best period in Wycombe’s history. For me that slightly conflicts with previous messaging about them only being temporary custodians of the club, as it implies that everything goes downhill (to a greater or lesser extent) when the Couhigs sell the club.

Clearly I’m in no position to dictate what the Couhigs do, and their lasting legacy will be very strong with the commercial and development squad side of the business improving during their time, but if they really feel as if it’s a possibility that they could sell the club ASAP if the right offer came along, then perhaps it’d be wise to not put any investment burdens on the club and simply allow the next owners to decide what they wish to do.



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