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Match day thread: Ipswich



  • It was a great game of football with a great result no doubt about that but I am sorry to disagree with you commoner organisation wise it was a mess. As a partially disabled supporter it was extremely difficult for me to reach my seat at the end of N block. Then I was fearful of moving as people were going back and forwards along the front rows to get in and out. Surely a safety hazard even for the able bodied. With door access prohibited it was even difficult to get to the toilets. Add to that, rain pouring through the ceilings I just thought it was a real mess. I was forced to move from my seat of over 20 years at half time to get a sense of safety.

    Don't get me wrong I am all for commercial logic but if they do this again then they need to do it properly with proper safety standards and I for one will ask to be seated somewhere where I can feel safe. God help us if someone slips going along the front row and falls.

  • @ChairboysBlue Sorry to hear that happened to you. We can talk about the need for some occasional, ostensibly minor sacrifices for commercial gain all we like, but I'm seeing far too many stories of long-serving fans feeling that they've been treated badly by their club lately - that's not on. What happened to the Disabled Supporters Association for this game was a disgrace.

  • He is contracted to Wycombe, we chose not to name him in our squad because he was injured. He is not a free agent.

    If your version of the rule applies we might as well stockpile players and just register and deregister players all season whenever suits us.

  • I guess there will always be lessons to learn from the first times you try anything.

    presumably the issues with rain were not related but could you explain the issues with access - was this simply because of more people than normal or because of some consequence of segregation.

    not only did yesterdays changes result in a worthwhile financial boost but it allowed 1000 people to watch a game they wanted to but would otherwise have been excluded from. Morally that feels the right thing to do if it can be done safely without too many negatives for the others.

  • A few people have mentioned that they were getting "showered' on during the game. We were the same in the Beachdean, happened during the entire 1st half. Doubt it was due to "leaky roof" over there as it's the 1st time in heaven knows how many years that has happened. Pretty sure it was just a melting process of the snow/ice so not sure what fans/customers expect the club to do about it? Brilliant that the club managed to get the game on with a mix of volunteers and staff going above and beyond, so a massive hats off to them for that. Having spent an entire day of back breaking snow clearing myself in the past, I can appreciate the work put in by so many. 👏

  • I don't think this is a new complaint, unfortunately although I appreciate it isn't an easy one to solve.

  • The main access issues for me related to the fact that access to block N was cordoned off.This meant that I was forced to walk along a set of rows that I would not normally have to in order to get to my seat. Of course our supporters helped me out wherever necessary as my balance is not great and I walk with a stick. So issues arising out of fan segregation is my main issue here.

  • Max certainly got dogs abuse yesterday from the Ipswich fans, but he was on a wind up mission! What a character he is, doesn't seem to give a flying f**k, so calm, almost an anti hero. A great keeper and the best we have had for a long time imho.

  • Don’t you just love the Gasroom beat the team that comes to Adam’s Park top of the league for the first time in our history but still got plenty to moan about!

  • I saw some footage of behind the scenes in the Frank Adams. Absolute carnage - kitchens and boxes badly flooded.

  • Attendance stattos will be delighted to note that we had the worst attendance in the league yesterday, despite drawing a (for us) whopping 7,602.

    League One = bums on seats

    (League One fans: “Oi! Who you callin’ bums?” etc)

  • I had a similar conversation with 2 of them outside the ground. They didn’t want us to go bust though. I joined in for a bit then then told them they were being unreasonable and that I was going to find someone who talked sense.

  • That’s a remarkable stat

  • Yes, almost every opposition fan forum comments on our lack of fans, the usual bigger club snobbery. Hopefully their big stadium keeps them warm after a zero point outing to AP!

  • Unfortunately it gives them that vital commodity, MONEY.

  • There’s no doubt about it, the Gasroom does have its own very special beat.

  • True! It does make it funkier when we beat them (though less so when I remember our own overspending!)

  • Absolutely right and that’s why our consistent success in being in and around the play off places is all the more remarkable. In the attendance ‘league table’ last season we were 17th and 3 of the clubs below us in that table were relegated.

  • I never suggested deregistering anyone. If you read my post I said we could register him if we had space in the (registered) squad.

    I also didn't say he was a free agent - I merely pointed out that a free agent CAN be registered.

    As for stock piling players and registering them or not - within the transfer window - that is in effect what many bigger clubs do.

    At no point in my reply do I suggest that players can be deregistered at will. Don't put your words in my mouth.

  • The classic oft repeated scenario where goon fans think they can scream whatever abuse they like all game, then lose their biscuit when a player even dreams of giving something back.

    I think my all time favourite one was Adebayor sprinting the length of the pitch after scoring to the Arsenal drones after a game full of singing hateful songs about his family.

  • I think Monsieur Cantona has the gold medal in that respect!

  • Result to be very proud of. A team to be very proud of. A manager to be very proud of and a Club that we can be proud of.

    Nothing at all to complain about so far as I was concerned, although it is miserable to be dripped on when sat inside a stand, which brings me to segregating the Frank Adams and the Family Stand, specifically the lessons learnt about its suitability for the Derby game.

    i can see the commercial argument for yesterday and I can see @DevC's point that it is churlish and behaving a bit like cheap franchise mk to exclude people who want to watch a game when there are empty seats. However I think there are two big arguments to put to Rob, by the Trust and anyone else who has access.

    The commercial argument is short term. We want an extra 1000 fans for 23 games a season, not for just two. Splitting the FA and FS yesterday did nothing to increase the number of Wycombe fans, indeed there is ancedotal evidence on her that it reduced the home attendance slightly, flattened the home atmosphere somewhat and detracted somewhat from the match-day experience for some Wycombe supporters.

    The match result was fantastic and for most of us will have greatly outweighed any negative aspects of yesterday. The two of us sang a fair bit of the way back to Cambridge last night. I reckon Rob was serious about the Championship at the beginning of the season. Portsmouth home, Lincoln away, Ipswich home, seven points, no goals conceded: Gareth is serious and sincere about us being in the play off mix at the end of the season.

    The club managed 6000 for the game against Morecambe, without most of the regular home support being aware of what was happening. This brings me to my second main point - that splitting the FA and FS for the Derby game could well not be taking filling empty seats but putting opposition fans in seats that could have current or future fans in them. It will be an important match to us anyway, it might, like the Ipswich game, have season defining moments in it. Derby are the side in 6th above us in the Play-Off position at the moment. If that is the situation in mid February, I cannot see that we would not attract between 6000 and 7000 home fans.

    Play offs 3 times in 4 years is quite a story. No shame at all to try and fail, the shame is in not trying. We are club which punches above its weight but we train hard - manager, team, supporters, ownership - and we build body mass all the time. Our dreams are just as valid as those of Derby County and we didn't stiff anyone to be where we are.

    Now is the time to make representations to Rob and the Board. In many ways the League is the new Cup and the Derby game is likely to be as important as any for money and momentum in the rest of this season. Bolton, Barnsley, Posh, Wednesday, will all be important home games, and Oxford and mk could well be fun, but I feel it is Derby that will set the tone.

    Don't split the FA and the FS for the Derby game!

    It is short term financial thinking.

    It is short term thinking for spirit and momentum. There is every chance you could be excluding Wycombe fans and potential fans

    Lets Stop the Split and aim for 6000 - 7000 Wycombe fans at the Derby game.

    Ten thumbs up and I'll start a Stop the Split Derby Attendance thread, for ideas on how to get 6000+ for the Trust to discuss with Rob and the Board.

  • The leaks / rain / ice melting was definitely the latter. A bit unfortunate really, but added that it was hard to move seats in the FA because of a decent size crowd meant a pretty decent number of people got even wetter and colder. Can’t blame the club for this, this one’s on God!

  • A few years ago, didn't they stop fans buying season tickets / move them out of certain blocks of the Main Stand so that they could sell those to away fans when needed?

    If they insist on using this as a strategy for certain games they probably need to do similar in the Frank Adams too.

  • Well we got dripped on for the entire 1st half in the Beechdean and we couldn't move sideways either & there were no Town fans in there. So it wasn't exclusive to the FA stand. 🤷‍♂️

  • Disgraceful IMO that Rob didn’t put a couple of hundred tiny fan heaters in the stands the night before to melt the ice before the game to be honest. Poor fan experience.

  • Plus loads of volunteers with well positioned umbrellas that stopped anyone getting wet.

  • Sorry @Twizz , probably my fault for reading your post with a tone that I imagined it to be written in, rather than what you actually intended. I'm a little guilty of that at times, so apologies.

    Just to clarify - I imagine we left a space spare in the squad when we were anticipating signings, but that never materialized. You can only "amend" your squad list when the transfer window opens.

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