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FGR tickets

Very little info around, are they all gone for the away end? I've got a rare pass to ditch the family and go and watch football


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    @Frome_Blue They are back on sale on-line having received extras. But you have to collect from AP or at The New Lawn on the day. Should still be tickets available on the gate as well.

    Oh and it’s a side not an end and it has no roof and it’s on a hill deep in the Cotswolds - so wrap up warm and dry.

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    Is it really too much to ask that all EFL clubs have fully covered grounds these days? FGR have been in the League five years and have a mega-rich owner. Accrington and Gillingham don't exactly have the excuse of not enough time either (I think Gillingham have had that scaffolding for a good 20 years).

  • Thanks! I'll risk it on the day as I can't see an option to pick up at the New Lawn.

    Looks like a cracking ground. A new one for the spreadsheet.

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    @Frome_Blue there is a only one away ticket window at FGR Wycombe ticket Dept will take any none collected tickets from AP to FGR in the day. I’ve had to do this before it works fine Ben and the team are v reliable.

  • Ah cool, in that case I'll buy now. Thanks

  • Perhaps FGR are too busy fitting solar panels, organic pitch etc to bother with a roof! I did a commentary there a couple of seasons ago and got absolutely soaked along with all our electrical equipment, not a good mix.

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    @glasshalffull FGR are an interesting case study in many ways.

    • A unique brand positioning which may well appeal to a broader younger fan base beyond Nailsworth and Stroud.
    • An owner who puts serious funding into the club.
    • An undoubted success story in their rise up the pyramid.
    • Struggling to cope at new found dizzy heights.

    All of which is somewhat familiar!

    I guess the temporary camera gantry is positioned to make the most visually of a small stadium? Something I wish we had followed up.

    The open side is lovely early and late in the season, mid November a different story! Although standing down the side of the pitch at player head height does bring a certain retro feel to it. Weather forecast for Saturday suggests dry sunny 16* which as good as it gets at this time of year.

    I guess having permission for their future planned nearby sustainable all wood stadium halts any further development at the current ‘facility’. So, will the next ground be named The New New Lawn I wonder?

  • Their ground is now called The Fully Charged New Lawn Stadium located in Another Way, Nailsworth. Dale Vince is certainly different to the average club chairman and he’s transformed the club, as you say. I agree about the position of our gantry and I suggested moving it to the other side, but the cost was prohibitive and couldn’t be justified.

    By the way, the game I did there was a play off tie in May and we still had torrential rain!

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