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Non League Players + Sam Higgins

Are there any non-league players that anyone thinks we should be looking at? I know Ainsworth prefers to look at the talent on offer from professional clubs but there must be a few rough diamonds out there. Anyone know anything about Sam Higgins at East Thurrock. Seems to have been banging the goals in over years. Football league standard maybe?


  • Many (not all) will be in jobs and earning as much as they would in League 2

  • Spot on, alot of talented players are very mecernary and not bothered by the stigma of applying their trade in the Conference and lower echelons of the leagues. But I bet there's a few Jamie Vardy types out there in the Conference Premier and Conference South/North Premier somewhere.

  • There as got to be, it's just finding the ones which suit's our club ... And fits in with the way Ainsworth want's .....

  • I'm sure that the management are looking at all players..not just the ones in "non league" - I would prefer another Hayes.

  • A lot of footballers aren't worried about "stigma" playing in low level leagues. To them it's a sport which provides exercise and enjoyment and a lot of pleasure socialising with their mates. Money doesn't enter into it.

  • If the report on another thread about Nico Yennaris is correct that would certainly be in that category and most welcome. I saw the picture yesterday of him in a celebratory embrace with Joe Jacobson and it seemed to shout "I love this club and this bunch of guys". Perhaps I am reading too much into it but I hope not.

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